Dark Desire

inside a doctors office is a lab ran by two phlebotomists who happen to be real life vampires.


2. life changing experience

Randy walks over to Samantha and places his hand over her hand on her neck.holding her hand in place as he holds her gaze with his

Samantha:seriously randy what marks?

Randy moving her hand down towards her throat:you have two small marks right there

Samantha removing her hand and looks down:you drew blood on me?

Randy looking at her a bit confused:we slept the whole train ride babe.who marked you?

Samantha:I have no idea Randy.all I know is I feel drained

Randy placing his free hand on his head:and dizzy?

Samantha looking at Randy as the color leaves her cheeks:not so much dizzy.i'd say more faint

Randy:now don't go fainting on me

Samantha looking at him:we should've just stayed home. I feel odd

Randy:we have to wait for another train to arrive so we can go home

just then a shadow speeds past where the train station stood

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