5SOS Imagines

5 Seconds Of Summer Imagines


1. The Class Clown ~Ashton~

"Mr. Irwin and Ms. Martin, would you like to tell the class what's so funny?" asked Mr. Jackson.

Stacey was lucky to have Ashton in her class. He's so funny! She had a crush on him but so do a lot if other girls so it doesn't matter. He always tries to get you to laugh the most.

"Mr. Jackson, I was just telling Stacey what I thought you did on Saturdays. I said your stripper name was Ben Dover because it sounds like bend over." Ashton said confidently.

The whole class starts to laugh and Stacey laughs the loudest. Ashton looks at her and winks.

"The both of you have detention!" yelled Mr. Jackson.

"Whatever." said Ashton.

"Ugh." said Stacey rolling her eyes.

After school, Ashton and Stacey go to detention.

"Stacey, Ashton, I haven't seen you two in a couple of days." said Mr. Trench.

"Yeah, I was sick." said Stacey.

"And no use telling jokes if the loudest laugher isn't there. Plus her laugh is contagious." said Ashton.

"What did you do this time?" asked Mr. Trench. Ashton tells him and you all start laughing.

"Wow." said Mr. Trench.

Stacey pulls out her phone and plays 'Bang Bang'. Ashton starts singing.

"You guys are something else." said Mr. Trench.

"Me. Trench, you're the best teacher ever." said Stacey.

"Yeah." said Ashton.

"Thanks." said Mr. Trench.

Stacey sits down and Ashton sits on her desk.

"Yes, Mr. Irwin?" Stacey asked laughing.

"I was wondering if you wanted to go on a date with me?" he asked.

"Are you serious?" Stacey asked.

"Nevermind." said Ashton.

Mr. Trench grabs you two and fixes everything.

"You know, I'm surprised they hired a 20 year old to work at a high school." said Stacey.

"Yeah, but that's not the point." said Mr. Trench.

He sits back down and watches you two.

"Ashton, I asked you that because a lot of girls that are prettier than me like you." Stacey said playing with her bracelet.

"Stacey, I asked you because I like you. That's why I try so hard to make you laugh." said Ashton.

"Oh my Lord, I like you too! Yes, I'll go out with you." Stacey said smiling.

"About time!" said Mr. Trench.

"Me. Trench." said Ashton laughing.

"I'm going to 7-Eleven. You guys want anything?" Mr. Trench asked.

"A sandwich, munchies, hot fries, and a coke." said Ashton.

Stacey ask for the same thing. Mr. Trench gets the food and comes back 15 minutes later.

"Thanks Mr. T!" Stacey said smiling.

"Thanks man." said Ashton.

"I got one with your names on it." said Mr. Trench.

Stacey takes the one that says 'Ashton' and he takes the one with her name.

"Stace, I'll pick you up at 6:30." said Ashton.

"What should I wear?" asked Stacey.

"Nothing fancy." Ashton said.

Mr. Trench starts singing 'Fancy'. Stacey bust out laughing.

"You see why I love her laugh." Ashton said laughing.

A/N This is my first story up here 😁 Let me know what you think

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