5SOS Imagines

5 Seconds Of Summer Imagines


2. First date/How he asks her to be his girlfriend

Stacey gets ready for her date with Ashton. She just got out of the shower and puts on her Vanilla Sugar lotion and 'Our Moment' perfume by One Direction. She grabs her black jeans, black tank top, her red and black flannel, and gets dressed. She puts on her red Converse and grabs her phone checking the time. It's 6:25, so Stacey sits on the couch waiting for Ashton. He comes right on time.

"Hey Ash." Stacey said smiling.

"Hey beautiful. You ready to go?" asked Ashton.

"Yes." said Stacey.

Ashton grabs Stacey's hand and they walk to the park for dinner.

"Wow!" Stacey said surprised.

"I'm guessing you like it?" asked Ashton.

"It's amazing!" said Stacey.

Ashton walks Stacey over to the picnic blanket and they eat. He bring her back home at 10.

"Thanks Ashton. I had fun tonight." Stacey said smiling.

"Me too. Even though all we did was laugh mostly." said Ashton smiling too.

"Yeah jokester." said Stacey.

"Be mine, Stacey?" asked Ashton.

"If you promise to make me laugh all the time." Stacey said.

"I promise." said Ashton smiling.

"Then yes." said Stacey smiling too.

Stacey hugs Ashton and he kisses her cheek.

"Goodnight Stace." said Ashton.

"Goodnight Ash." said Stacey.

They hug one more time and Ashton leaves.

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