Wolf's Mate (Boyxboy)

Wolves have mates. Sammy has been looking for his since he turned 17, but he hasn't had much luck. He felt lonely without his other half and was jealous of his best friend who had already found their mate.

Cody was a vampire, he didn't have a mate but he did believe in soul mates. He was hoping to find that special someone soon. His mother often had him have dates with random girls but he didn't feel the spark he was looking for with any of them. He was starting to wonder if he was one of those lonely vamps without a soul mate.

Sammy believes his mate is the alphas daughter but is soon to find he's quite wrong. Cody believes he has no soulmate.

What happens when Sammy meets Cody by accident on a run?

Find out in Wolf's Mate.


2. Lonely And Happy


I was starting to believe what everyone was saying. At least until I met the alphas daughter. My mate, she makes me happy.

'No she doesn't you fool, it's a distraction from the pain you feel from the loss of no mate' my wolf said mindlessly. I whined at his point. he was right, it was a distraction. Everyday I felt pain and it grew stronger as time goes on. 'Sammy, we must run, it'll help with the pain.' My wolf says. I nod my head in agreement before heading to the trail to run. I shifted quickly and began my run. My wolf took control. 'Feels good to run Sammy' my wolf says. I just laugh inside my head.

As we are running my wolf catches hold of a wonderful smell. 'Mate' My wolf says sternly. I see a pale boy walking through the forest looking lost. My wolf growled at first but I hushed it. If it was our mate then I don't want to scare him. 'Must go to to mate' My wolf retorts. "Slowly. Kida (k-eye-da), we don't want to scare him." I warn. Slowly my wolf walks toward the boy. The boy turns toward our direction and his face pales. Shit, he must be afraid. "Kneel Kida, show him we mean no harm." I say and Kida kneels. The boys scared face goes away and is replaced by a curious one. I had noticed he was abnormally pale. 'Kida, do you think he might be a vamp?' I ask my wolf. 'Possibly, but how's it possible for a vamp to be our mate?' Kida asks. I shrug and Kida sighs.

Kida and I did not see the boy any more but instead felt a hand on our shoulder lightly petting my wolf. Kida was obviously enjoying the attention from our mate. Kida leans into our mates touch. We were both surprised when the boy got on Kidas back.

"What a handsome wolf you are." The boy speaks catching both my wolf and I off guard.

"Wish I could meet your human form but I guess it's better if I just see the wolf form." The boy says again. Kida nuzzles the boy with his snout telling him he could see the human form. The boy slid down from Kida's back and hid behind a tree. Kida allowed me to shift back and I put my clothes on behind a tree. The boy came out and greeted me.

"Are you the wolfs human form?" He asks a little afraid. I chuckle and nod.

"My name is Cody, what's yours?" He asks.

"Sammy. Kida, my wolf likes being petted." I say which causes him to blush.

"I'm not trespassing am I?" Cody asks.

"No, I was out for a run, my wolf and I needed it." I say. My wolf whines begging me to touch our mate. 'Kida, hush, let me talk to him. He doesn't know we're mates.' I say to him. He groans but nods.

"Cody, judging by your pale skin, are you a vamp?" I ask calmly and he blushes before nodding.

"Would you believe me if I told you you're my mate?" I ask. His face stuns and he backs away before shaking his head.

"Don't be scared, it's alright if you don't believe me. My wolf was the one who told me you are, granite I know it's hard to believe but up until now I've felt nothing but pain in my heart. It's not your fault, it just took me a while to find you. I feel complete and my wolf is literally jumping and prancing around inside my head because he's happy." I say, at first the boy has a serious face but the laughs. My wolf was very confused and so was I.

"So your wolf talks to you?" He asks and I nod. My wolf snorts like it was an obvious answer.

"What was that look for?" Cody asks.

"Kida snorted at your question, you don't know much about wolves do you?" I ask. Cody shakes his head.

"I would love to tell you all about wolves if you came back with me, I'll make sure your safe." I say.

"My mom did send me out to find someone to make me happy so I guess I could go with you but how would we be able to get there quickly?" He asks. I motion for him to turn around and he obeys. I shift into my wolf. My wolf whines and he turns around. 'Kneel Kida' I say. Kida kneels and Cody climbs on my wolfs back. Kida nuzzles Cody telling him to hold on. 'Kida, it isn't fair for you to hog your affection our mate.' I tell my wolf. 'please you get to make love and claim him later, this is my way of showing my affections.' My wolf retorts. He had a point. My wolf begins to run and Cody holds on by hugging around Kidas neck. Once we reach the beginning of the trail Kida doesn't stop, I'm glad he didn't because many wolves were growling at Cody. I could feel Cody's fear rolling off his body. 'Kida, get us to the house quickly.' I tell my wolf and he nods. We reach the house and Cody jumps off Kida.

I push my door to my house open with Kida's nose, Cody got the hint and ran inside and shut the door quickly. 'Did we know that our people would hate our mate?' Kida asks. 'I thought they would but also thought they might get over it.' I tell him and he groans. Many other wolves were in front of me snarling and growling.

"Move Sammy, the vampire must die." Our alpha snarls.

"No he doesn't. If he dies then I die. He's my mate." I growl. All the wolves except Alpha back off.

"Don't listen to him. It's impossible for a vamp and werewolf to be mates." Alpha snarls. Cody comes out of the house and stands by my side with his hand on Kida's shoulder. My wolf sighs in happiness at our mates touch. Alpha notices how content my wolf is at Cody's touch.

"I will accept this vamp to be one of us but you must claim him as your mate immediately or I will personally be the one to destroy him." Alpha snarls before disappearing with the rest of the wolves.

Cody goes back inside and I shift back putting clothes on.

"What was all that snarling about?" Cody asks.

"My alpha was going to kill you at first but when he saw how content my wolf was when you placed your hand on his shoulder alpha decided that he would accept you as one of us." I say and Cody smiles.

"That's great." He says.

"Since you're my mate and he accepts that, we wolves have a way to complete the bond. My alpha said he'll accept you but also said I have to complete the bond immediately in order for you to stay." I say.

"What do you have to do to complete that bond?" Cody asks. My wolf whined. 'What Kida?' I ask. 'We don't get pups Sammy' My wolf whines. I was very confused at what my wolf was trying to say. 'Our mate is male, therefor he can't carry pups.' My wolf answers my confused look.

"What's your wolf telling you?" Cody asks. 'Tell him Sammy' Kida says.

"My wolf was whining because he realized that we can't have 'pups' because you're male." I say.

"Oh. Well what do you have to do to complete the bond?" Cody asks.

"In order for the bond to be complete, I would have to mate with you." I explains slowly.

"Anything you want to know about the wolves?" I ask. He was in thought.

"Cody, I'll give you time to think about the mating thing, you seem deep in thought. If you need me I'll be in the kitchen." I say and he nods.


About an hour later Cody was listening to me about my history. He seemed intrigued about it. I was about to continue before he cut me off.

"Complete the bond Sammy." Cody says.

My wolf was excited but calmed down.

"Cody, I don't think you're ready." I tell him. He gives me a pout and I was trying very hard to fight it. I almost fought the pout when my alpha said that he would be over later to see if I had completed the bond.

"Fine, go upstairs, I'll be there in a little bit." I tell him and he nods.

'It's finally happening' my wolf says happily.

'Yeah it is, be careful with him.' I warn before heading upstairs. Cody wasn't sitting on the bed but tackled me from behind.

"Be careful what you do around me." I warn and he smiles.

I brought him around front and lied him on the bed. He smiled up at me and I began kissing his neck. He tried to hold back a moan but failed. It turned me on and I moved down to his collar bone and began kissing and sucking.

I moved back up to his neck, I was about to mark him but stopped.

"Go ahead Sammy, it's alright, I can stand the pain of what you're going to do." Cody says and I continue. I kissed his neck a little bit more before sinking my teeth in and marking him. He felt both pain and pleasure which was almost what I was feeling except without the pain.

I began taking his shirt off. He helped with his pants. For a pale vampire he was very hot. He began taking of my shirt. He was rather eager to get my pants off. I caught his mouth in a kiss to slow him down, as excited as my wolf is he's also very amused by our mates actions. Cody finally manages to get my pants off. He scoped my chest and blushed when he saw me watching him.

"It's alright love, look all you want, it's all yours." I assure him. He continued admiring me before finally looking up and catching my lips in a kiss.

We each removed our last piece of clothing.

Cody made the first move by flipping me over so that he was on top. He kissed down my jaw line to my neck. He surprised me by almost entering me, it caused me to gasp. He smiled then went back to kissing my neck before pushing his length in. I gasped at the contact and the light pain I was feeling. He pushed further and slowly. It was no longer pain but pleasure, my wolf wasn't very happy that our mate was topping. At the same time it was a turn on. He pushed further until he was as far as he could go. My wolf took control of me and started to move against his hips.

Cody got the hint to move and my wolf let me resurface. Cody began to move softly and smoothly. His thrusts felt good. I moaned lightly and he began thrusting a bit faster and harder.

My wolf could not be any happier right now that he was. Our mate was completing the bond well, it would be complete once he climaxed inside me. Which wouldn't be long because it looked that he was almost to his climax.

I was too which is why he began rubbing my member. I moaned which sent him over the edge and that sent me over the edge as well.

He licked the sticky off me and his hand then kissed me. I tasted both myself and him.

Cody rolled off of me and snuggled into my chest before dosing off.

I almost did the same but heard a knock at the door. I got up quickly putting on sweat pants.

Cody was asleep as I slipped down the stairs. I could tell it was alpha at the door.

"Alpha you can go, we completed the bond." I say.

"Something is different about you, you have a very weird aura around you." Alpha says.

He sniffed and his eyes went wide.

"Who topped when you completed the bond?" Alpha asks.

"Cody did, why?" I ask.

"He can't get pregnant but you can, which is what has happened. The elders need to see you and your mate right away." Alpha says. By now Cody was down stairs dressed and by my side with a worried look on his face. I wrapped my arm around his waist and rubbed his side softly.

"If it's urgent we'll go alpha." I say.

"It is urgent." Alpha says.

Cody hands me a sweat shirt. I kiss his cheek before placing the sweatshirt on. I felt a slight movement inside me. It wasn't painful but was uncomfortable.

Cody looked at me worriedly.

"Little movement and discomfort." I explain.

Alpha quickly dragged Cody and I to the elders.


The elders were not very happy with what was going on. If it weren't for my scent all over him they would have killed him instantly.

"This is very rare for not only a vampire to be mated to a werewolf but also rare that the pups are half of both." The oldest of the elders says.

"Does it shorten the pregnancy or does it complicate things?" Alpha asks concerned about me and his pack.

"It does shorten it because of the vamp side and not completely but we will need him to stay on bed rest for now. We are not certain how things will go and do not want to risk anything." The elder continued.

I frowned but nodded.

"Vamp pregnancy are short and less painful, it's very different." Cody speaks. The elders looked at him in surprise.

"So Sammy, now that Cody is apart of our pack, I think it would be wise to meet his parents as well as have the pack doctor check on you regularly." The elders speak and I nod.

"It's just my mom and I don't want to put her in danger with being harmed by coming here." Cody says.

"When she arrives we will make sure she is unharmed as when she leaves." The elders say. My mate was very tense but I could feel slight excitement rolling off him.

"We will have the pack doctor look at him as soon as he is back home and I will make sure he does not leave the bed." Alpha says and looks at Cody as he says this. It looked as if alpha was telling him to do what he was promising.

"We take your word alpha Joel. Good luck and keep us up to date with those mixed pups of theirs." The elders say before dismissing us.

As soon as we left alpha sent Cody and I straight home and said I was order to remain on bed rest until the pups were born.

I got home and laid on the couch. Not for long though because the pack doctor showed up. I was about to get up but Cody shook his head. Bed rest sucks, why did I have to be the one carrying the pups?

The pack doctor did not like that I was on the couch.

"The couch is not a place for bed rest, up to bed now." The pack doctor ordered and I growled before getting up and heading upstairs.

"Alpha has ordered me to come check on you every two days to make sure you're okay and to see how the pups are doing." The doctor says. I nod.

"I do have expertise with this type of pregnancy, for you to manage this you will need lots of rest, you will deliver in wolf form, because they are half vamp some will take pale features. Every now and then you have to restrain yourself from getting up and getting yourself something you need. With the help of Cody you can survive, the pups will be different but will take your dominant gene of being so stubborn." The doctor explains and I nod. The doc then turns to Cody.

"If he gets up once immediately put him back, he can not be up except to go to the bathroom. The pregnancy will last two and a half to three weeks." The doctor explains.

Cody nods before looking at me with a smirk. He was having fun with this. I shook my head before rolling on my side. I discovered that I have a small baby bump. Cody notices and smiles.

The doctor rubs a hand on my shoulder before leaving.

I sighed.

This was going to be a long few weeks.


Hey guys! First chapter, tried to make it long and start something. Yes it seems like I rushed some things but I assure you everything that happened in this chapter happened for a reason.

It all leads up to a plot and all.

Besides that, tell me what you think about it so far, tell me how you think things will go with Sammy's new mate and pregnancy along with the many other complications of being mated to a vamp. Tell me your opinion of alpha, Cody, Sammy and what you think may happen next.

Until next time kitties.

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