Unexpected Tidings

A secret relationship is risked being found out when the two lovers, Tony Stark and Loki Laufeyson run into two major events. Will these tear them apart, or bring them closer? An adventurous journey where love can prove superior over all



1. Just A Sickness

I open my eyes to the dim daylight shining through the blinds of the large window of mine and Tony’s room, the area around me still rather dark, save for the streaming rays of the sun that run across my face and shirtless chest. I slowly rise to prevent receiving a painful greeting from a dizzy headache gotten when moving to quickly. I exhale and bend backwards, stretching, using my arms for support. Afterwards, I slide my legs off the side of the bed, and slowly stand on the carpeted floor, and take my first few slow, gloomy steps forward.

"Blinds" I groan. The blinds flip open rather quickly, causing me to shield my eyes from the sudden flood of light.

"Good morning sir. I hope you had a pleasant nights sleep" the voice of Jarvis speaks overhead.

"Indeed" I respond, rather crankily. I turn my head to look at the projected clock on the side table next to the bedside. 9:30. Tony would surely be up by now. Of course, I notice he does not lay on the other side of the bed.


I walk to the bathroom, remove my silky green pants, and turn on the water to the overhead shower, letting it start to warm up a little. I turn and face the mirror, examining the tired features of my pale face, and messy raven hair. I sigh deeply as I remove the last pieces of clothing, and step into the shower, sliding the glass door closed. I take my time, basking in the cool, semi-warm water, running my fingers through my hair, getting those blasted knots out.

I wash and condition my hair, and wash my body. Shame Tony isn’t in here. He usually makes some silly, flirty remark in an attempt to catch my attention, yet his Midguardian ways of flattery are still quite confusing to me. Though I do find him absolutely adorable when he tries, only to end up with a strawberry colored face afterwards, and to later on, deny he did such a thing.


I finish up in the shower, washing out my hair, and rinsing my body. I slide open the glass door, and grab a white towel from the rack on the wall next to the door, and bend forwards, using the towel to scruff my hair somewhat dry, then move down my body. I tie the towel around my waist once I finish, and move to one of the two sinks, grabbing a hair brush, and begin to stroke through my hair, slicking it back as usual. I walk back into the room and press a button, sliding open the large door to the walk in closet. I pick out a green shirt and denim pants.

I remove the towel and drape it over the desk chair in the corner and slip on a clean pair of underwear, and the rest of the clothing I had picked out. Walking out to the kitchen, the blinds slowly flip open, and slide upwards, revealing New York beyond the large windows. I walk to the fridge, and take out the pack of eggs, and everything to make an omelet. Though it was lonely without Tony, I have grown rather used to it. Fury calls him on missions often, and he continues work as an engineer, building new technology, nothing like the weapons he used to make, but instead works with cars and other transportation vehicles. Finishing the omelet, I flip it on to a plate, and grab a glass from the cupboard, pouring some water.


"Sir, I have a recorded message from Mr. Stark. Would you like me to play it?" JARVIS says.

"If you would, please" I respond, tuning in.

"Right away" Jarvis says, then plays the recording;

"Loki, I’m going to be out late. Fury has called us in for a meeting. See you tonight"

The recording ends.

"Would it kill you to say I love you?" I say out loud in a joking manner. I chuckle, "thank you Jarvis"

"Your very welcome. Have a splendid day" Jarvis responds.


Later in the day, Tony finishes his shift, and cleans up his workshop, sliding tools back into their proper place, and throwing a tarp over the car he’s been building on for the past year. A year in which he had secretly spent with Loki, which SHIELD was still unaware of. Tony keeps Loki well hidden, as well as avoiding the subject of Loki in a conversation with SHILD to keep the secrecy.

He changes out of his work clothes in the locker room, and tosses them in his locker, slipping into his suit. He packs up his things, grabbing a few other items from his personal office, and puts on his sunglasses as he walks out, giving a single salute as a goodbye to his workers before getting in his limo. Though he is no longer a weapons developer, he has kept his fancy lifestyle and good reputation as Iron Man. The limo arrives at the front of a tall building the meeting will take place. Tony steps out of the limo, carrying his briefcase in one hand, and walks up to the double sliding glass doors.

"Good evening Tony" Agent Hill smiles up at Tony from the front desk.

"Hi" Tony replies simply, stopping at the desk.

"Meeting room is-" Hill begins but Tony finishes for her, "top floor, down the hall, huge doors. Yep, it’s always the same. Everywhere. Doesn’t anyone change the stereotype for creepy meeting rooms? Hell, my meeting room doesn’t even look like that"

Hill rolls her eyes, a small smile on her face, “well, you know where to go. Fury is waiting for you”

Tony nods and heads to the elevator, pressing the silver button to the top floor, waiting for the ding and the door to slide open. He walks into the glass and steel elevator, sliding his free hand into his pocket. Once the elevator dings again, and the door slides open once more, he continues his his pursuit to the meeting room, striding down the long hallway. He pushes open the white door and is greeted with slightly annoyed looks from everyone. Bruce, Natasha, Steve, everyone but Thor is present.

Tony stands in silence for a mere second before saying, “why do buildings like this always have silver interior? Ever wondered that?”

"Your late, Stark" Fury comments from the end of the long table.

"Stylishly late" Tony says back, "but really, silver. So last year"

"Says the one with a plain white interior" Steve says.

"Yea, not silver. Much easier on the eyes. White and silver, there’s a difference" Tony says as he sets his briefcase on the table.

"Stark, we are at the brink of another crisis, and you are late, so allow me to fill you in on what you missed" Fury says in his usual snippy tone.

"Sure thing. What’s the jizz?" Tony asks as he sits in the empty chair next to Natasha. "There’s a new enemy that has taken an interest in taking over. All we have been able to uncover at this point is that they have their own personal army at hand, and the one commanding it just so happens to be the big guys right hand man" Fury explains.

"Big guy? As in big authority, or physically big?" Tony interrupts, "think he’s compensating for something?" He snickers. "Mr. Stark, if you would allow me to finish, I will get to that" Fury sternly says as he gives Tony a cold stare. Tony nods, takes off his sunglasses, and crossing his arms, leaning back in his seat. Fury rolls his eyes and turns to face the large window at the end of the room. A metal cover slides over it, blocking out the sunlight. The room is then illuminated with the soft blue glow of a holographic screen projected onto the cover. It displays several sections of data. Fury slides one in particular to the middle and enlarges it, "our sources tell us that this enemy is not only out for control, but imminent destruction. He is known as the Mad Titan, aka, Thanos"


It’s half past ten o’clock now. I’ve done some cleaning around the tower, and relaxed while watching a Midguardian film. Quite interesting creations. Such diversity and feeling. I have to admit, Midguardians are not always useless creatures. As I walk to the bedroom, my stomach lurches, and I throw a hand to it in surprise. I crease my eyebrows in confusion, and curiosity.

I have, never felt like this before. I feel it again, and I place a hand against the wall as I suddenly feel dizzy, and ill. I take deep breaths, as the lightheaded feeling within my head spreads. I breathe loudly as I back against the wall, resting my head against it. What is this feeling?

I have not caught a Midguardian sickness, have I? Not possible. I have been here, in Stark Tower all this time, I can’t be getting ill! I feel my stomach lurch again, this time more violently, causing me to rush to the bathroom.


Tony returns home about a half hour later, and walks into the bedroom, setting his suitcase down by his side of the bed. “Loki?” He whispers, noticing I’m not in the bed. I grab a washcloth and wipe my mouth as I walk out, placing my hand upon the wall for support. Tony walks over to me, “you alright?” He asks. “Perfectly fine, darling” I respond softly, heading towards the bed. “You look terribly pale,” Tony starts as he follows me, “I mean, more pale than usual. Loki, what’s happened?”

"Oh, nothing, I’m just tired, love" I respond, trying to avoid the fact that I was hacking up a lung in there. I toss the washcloth in the hamper, and get in my side of the bed. Tony sits by me on the bedside, "don’t lie to me" he says, looking me in the face. Damn. He’s going to pester me about it until I tell him, so I do not have much of a choice, "It is only a little illness. It will pass" I say. "Aren’t you resistant to illnesses here? That can’t be right" Tony says. "Not all. Yes, my immune system may be stronger, but it does not mean I am immune, Tony" I respond in a sleepy tone. "Alright. I’ll get you some meds in the morning. You think you can sleep it off for tonight?" Tony asks. "Of course" I respond, curling the end of my mouth in a small smirk. Tony says nothing more, and gets up, heading to shower and get ready for bed himself.


The next morning, I feel only weak, but not to ill. I can hear Tony in the kitchen, and I start to get up. I walk to the bathroom, and look in the mirror. I do feel a significant difference, though over the course of many weeks, I have not noticed the size of my stomach grow until now. It seems to have gotten.. Larger? This must be a mistake. It’s not possible! Could I be..

"Loki, how you feeling?" Tony walks in. "Better. Still a bit lightheaded, but nothing more. You mustn’t worry for me so much" I respond. "Why not? Isn’t it my job to protect you?" Tony says, moving behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist. I get a bit anxious of how close he is to my stomach. I place my hands on his, making sure he does not move up any further. He notices the nervous look on my face, "your uneasy again. Come on, what’s the problem?" He sets his chin on my shoulder.

"It’s just, I’ve never had a Midguardian sickness before. What do you expect? It is rather frightening" I lie. "Huh, fair enough" Tony responds, "look, I’ll get you some medicine, and Jarvis will look after you while I’m gone, alright?" He releases my waist, and plants a kiss on my shoulder before walking away, and into the kitchen. I walk out behind him, "what has Fury called you to do this time?" I ask. "Uh, well," Tony starts as he pours a cup of coffee, "funny you should ask. Turns out this uh, Thanos guy wants to destroy the world. Typical" he reaches up to the cupboard, and grabs a small box of medicine.

"Thanos?" I say, my eyes wide. You must be joking Tony, please tell me you are joking. If what I believe is happening to me is really true, then with Thanos on the other hand, it will not only be Tony and I’s life at stake. "Hey, calm down. I’m sure this guy is just another whack job as usual. No offense" he hands me a pill and the coffee cup. "None taken.." I respond, tossing the pill in my mouth and taking a sip of the coffee. I’m not typically fond of hot coffee, though I could care much less about the temperature of my drink. As of now, my mind is on Thanos. And Tony.

Tony changes and packs his things, grabbing the handle of his suitcase as he walks out of the bedroom, “I’ll be back as soon as I can, alright?” He says. “Whatever you say” I respond. Tony winks at me before he puts on his sunglasses, “Jarvis, keep an eye on him for me, will ya” “of course, sir” Jarvis responds. Tony steps into the elevator, and turns to face me. I cross my arms and shake my head with a smile. He smiles back, only then to be taken from my sight by the sliding doors closing. My smile fades, “always leaving the artificial intelligence to so-called watch over me” I complain quietly.


Tony does not return home at night. Fury must be keeping him late to form some sort of strategy. They will need more, so much more than that to even leave a dent in Thanos. Do they have any idea who their dealing with? I fear for my lovers safety. And soon, I start to fear for more than just that. I decide to finally give in to my curiosity, and hurry down to Tony’s lab. I use his card I took from a drawer in his desk to get in, “Jarvis, I need you to do an X-Ray of me” I say.

"As you wish, sir" Jarvis says. I stand on the platform, take a deep breath, and close my eyes. The blue gridded light beam scans me from each direction, making a 3D image of the X-Ray results on the holographic projector on the table next to me. "X-Ray complete. Would you like me to save the results sir?" Jarvis asks. I open my eyes, and gaze at the 3D model. What I notice, baffles me. It’s true. But, how?!

"Sir?" Jarvis asks again. "Erase them!" I say abruptly, then rush out of the lab, grabbing the card as I leave, locking the door on my way out. I walk quickly to the nearest wall phone, and dial Tony. It takes a moment, but Tony eventually picks up. "Hello?" He says. "Tony, it’s me" I whisper. I hear him excuse himself, open, and then close a door, "Loki, what is it now?" A hint of concern in his voice. "Tony.. I-I have something to tell you" I start slowly, stuttering, still baffled. "What?" Tony’s voice is full of anxiousness, and curiosity.

"Tony.." I say softly, "I’m pregnant"

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