Zoella and pointlessblog 1

Zoë aka Zoella and Alfie aka pointless blog were just friends until Zoë went through a bad break up... Zoë's life had been a blur of anxiety and pain since the break up so Alfie steps in.....


4. The Truth- Zoë and Alfie's pov

Zoë's pov-

As I walked back into the room I saw Alfie mopping up some milk that was on the floor.

I bent down and helped him, he looked up, I looked up, we looked into each others eyes and I said, "you know, Alfie," Alfie nodded his head "I've been into you for a really long time and...." I was lost for words, Alfie said, "Zoë, you are a beautiful girl and, I love you." I stared into his eyes and jumped into his arms. I wrapped my arms around him as he lifted me up.

Alfie's pov-

I loved Zoë so much and I had done for a long time. This was my dream...

Zoë's pov-

I felt like a princess and when Alfie let go of me we flung our arms around each other and we locked our selves in a long amazing hug!

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