Zoella and pointlessblog 1

Zoë aka Zoella and Alfie aka pointless blog were just friends until Zoë went through a bad break up... Zoë's life had been a blur of anxiety and pain since the break up so Alfie steps in.....


1. The Breakup- Zoë's pov

He was a dick, there was no denying it! He was a DICK!! I was so sick of hearing about other peoples 'great relationships' when all of mine were crap!!

I was having at least 2 anxiety and panic attacks per WEEK witch is not good in any way and it was starting to make me feel really sad and depressed. One night I was laying in bed crying and I knew I couldn't get through the night alone. There was a knife in the kitchen and it was flipping SHARP!! I HAD to call up Louise because she was the only one one who understood me fully or so I thought, it went through to answer phone so I hung up. I frantically scrolled up and down my contacts trying to find someone I could trust. I remembered that Alfie was staying at a friends flat tonight and then, as I was scrolling through my contacts a notification from twitter flashed up on my screen. It said 'Alfie Deyes tweeted: im bored!' I relised that Alfie's friend was in the same building as me so I called him. I said "Alfie help I feel in danger" he replied with muffled words saying "are you okay?" I said no and he said "I'm comming!"

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