Zoella and pointlessblog 1

Zoë aka Zoella and Alfie aka pointless blog were just friends until Zoë went through a bad break up... Zoë's life had been a blur of anxiety and pain since the break up so Alfie steps in.....


2. Seeing Zoë- Alfie's pov

I said goodbye to my friend and ran up the stairs to the lift. I jumped in and typed in floor 1 on the small keypad.

When I got into Zoë's it was dark and all I could hear was soft sobbing noises. I said "Zoë, were are you?" Her shakey voice said "I'm in here" her voice was coming from her bedroom. I ran in and turned on the lights I saw her with her phone on her chest laying in her bed.

She was wearing a black strappy top with orange shorts. She actually looked quite nice even though she had mascara running down her cheeks and dirty pink blush smudged all over her face.

I went over to her bed and said "Zoë, are you okay" she said too me "I am now I have a good friend here" it make me feel good on the inside. It was 12:03am and I knew she was tired so as I stroked her hair and talked to her softly she soon fell asleep in my arms.

I didn't know what was going on inside her head but she was smiling so I assumed she was having a good dream.☺️

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