Zoella and pointlessblog 1

Zoë aka Zoella and Alfie aka pointless blog were just friends until Zoë went through a bad break up... Zoë's life had been a blur of anxiety and pain since the break up so Alfie steps in.....


3. In The Morning- Alfie and Zoë's pov

Zoë's pov

When I woke up a couple of hours later I felt Alfie's arms rapped around me, I felt like we was a couple, but, we wasn't.

The dream I had had whilst I was asleep was about Alfie and me being boyfriend and girlfriend and it was really nice. Alfie and I have been friends for a while but we had never even gone as close as being in the same bed together like we was now. It was 9:16 and I felt my phone vibrate it was Louise texting me the text said "r u okay chummy?" I text back a couple of minutes later saying "yes chummy I'm fine now but, I think I like someone..."

Alfie's pov-

Zoë didn't notice but I was looking over her shoulder and I saw the text she sent to Louise and my mind turned to mush. I had no idea she could like someone after a breakup like that! I wondered who it could be, it couldn't be Marcus because she definitely had shown no signs of liking him, it wasn't Jim, it just couldn't be. So I continued to wonder. I suddenly thought, 'why did Zoë text me last night and not someone else'

Zoë's pov-

I felt Alfie slip away and then, through a crack in my eyelids I saw him walk past were I was laying. He kissed me on the forehead in a friendly kind of way and said "morning little one" he always called me little one and I liked it. I said good morning back to him and then he offered me a cup of tea. I said yes and walked into the kitchen with him I showed him were my new box of tea bags was and then putt my phone down on the counter and walked away to go and brush my hair

Alfie's pov-

As I was making tea for Zoë her phone flashed on and in the corner if my eye I saw that it said "Louise, new text message: So you like Alfie?!" I was so shocked by this that I nearly fell over and spilt the milk. Crap! I yelled but luckily Zoë didn't hear. My mind buzzed with thoughts, 'Zoë likes me?' 'Omg I can't believe it' and... 'I think I like her too!'

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