7,000 Miles Away, Still Saved Me 🐨 a.i🐨

Kiara, a 12 year old. She has scars, and burned marks. It's just her. Even if she isn't down, she takes a blade and cuts or take towel paper, take 1 or 3 cubes of ice, gets salt and put some in the ice. She lets it "freeze" a little, 3 or 5 minutes later, she goes to her room and put it to her hip. Her hip is burned. Nobody knows, not even her friends.
She is a fangirl. 5 Seconds of Summer is her favorite band, EVER! They make her smile, and laugh, not the fake ones though. She gives her real ones.
Kiara, bored goes on her IPhone 4, old but she says is worth it. She unloks it and goes to Instagram. She scrolls down, believe it or not? She found the 5 Seconds of Summer's boys private Instagram accounts!
She DMed them about her problems, hoping they'd answer.
One hour later, she checks if they answered..
L- nope
C- no
M- yeahhh, no
A- "He'd never talk to a freak like me"
She goes to sleep...
The next morning she does it again. It was the best day of her life! She thought they- or him would answer her. He lights up her world, but will it crash again?
Hey, guys! It's Kiara talking here. This is a true story of me and Ash. Yes they have privates on Instagram, don't believe me if you don't want to. It's not my problem. Anyway this fanfic is more like a fan-listic (just made that up). Everything that happen here, happens in my life. Everything I write of his thoughts is what he thought. It's not fake, guys. Right now I talk to Mikey and him❤️ I am a MASHTON girl, don't judge. I've always had this crush on Michael. So yeah! This is all true, I hope you believe me.
My KIK is Forever.The.Loner if you need me, I'll always be beside you. If you are going to make a cover for this book, send it to me over there or Instagram or Twitter. My Instagram is kiara_is_a_penguin and my PRIVATE Twitter is @_LukeyClifford_
If you hurt yourself and need someone to talk to, talk to me cos I love to help. I hope you like this book, guys.
- Kiara xxx


2. ∞Chapter 1∞Music∞

"OH MY LORD, MUM!" I shout, earning a slap of her. "Mum!" I sob out, as she slaps me again. "Mum, 7c is of the rules of monomials! C is 13 and if 7c is a multiplication, because the monomial rule's, it's like 7•13." My older sister only a year older sobs.

(A/n: this is fiction people. I am not gonna write it cos I am using it for another chapter!!∞)


Hey, Ash.. I really don't know if you're the real Ashton Irwin..

But I need you. I want you. Pathetic. I know.

I'm just a pathetic little brat. I just... I need someone to talk to, you know? Someone that I trust and he/she can love me back. And i chose you.. What a pathetic speech I am sending you..

-Kiara xxx

I send it to him, not really knowing...

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