Mandy is back...... With help

In the last journey Mandy uses voodoo magic to control a boy and tear apart a strong love. The gang thought Mandy was a goner when she fell down the black hole but now she is back with some help to get what she wants.......... Spoiled brat right?

Sorry if this book isn't as good as the first book he voodoo doll plz read that one first!!!!!!¡


2. who is m?

I'm tossing and turning in bed thinking 'it couldn't be Mandy she died in the black hole' then there's a tap on my window, it's Mikey. I open the window to a breezy summer night, "I wanted to make sure you were ok." "I'm fine thanks for asking Mikey." He kisses my forehead and goes back down the twisting ivy vines to the ground. Something moves in the shadows, I get out my phone and shine it all around my room. It's just me and Cody, then I open my window.....

Now I'm outside of the boys place with a bag of clothes, I knock so loud and hard my knuckles ache and their red, right before I try knocking again I hear a strum of a guitar. I run to the back and look into the garage from behind a wall, it's Mikey! "M-Mikey...." "Libby, what are you doing out this late?" "There was something in my room but when I looked, it was just me and Cody." Cody looks up at Mikey and yaps his adorable little yap. Mikey helps me inside with his arm around my shoulders, "are the others asleep? I kept pounding in the front door." "Let's find out."

Mikey and I are pounding on the boys rooms, no answer... We open Calum's door he wasn't there, neither were the others. They were all gone. Then I say "Mikey where could they-" I turn around and I'm alone. Then the door opens, in walks Jeremy he comes up to me, " Jeremy can you help me please?!" He grabs my arm and pulls me to the door. He drags me out and suddenly in the gas station again! There's a shadowy figure moving around the room, it's a black smokey cloud. "We brought her like you asked mistress." Jeremy bows to the cloud, then a face appears on the cloud, it's Mandy! The cloud rushes toward me and as it touches me, I wake up in my bed.

The bright sun shines in my eyes, I put my hand in front if my eyes and my window is open........ But I closed it last night. I look out my window "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" A man in black climbs up and grabs me! He puts a hand over my mouth as I try to scream. I bite his hand as hard as a can and I taste the nauseating taste of blood. He removes his hand and I jump up over to the other side of the room.

He is in front of the only window and door. "MICHAEL HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOMEBODY!!!!!!" Cody jumps off my bed and runs in front of me, he growls at the man in black. The man points a gun at him, I pick Cody up while he still growls, "you're coming with me NOW!!!!" "No I'm not!" Michael climbs up to the window, "leave her alone!" He turns and points the gun at Michael. "Michael no he has-" I'm cut off my the sound of the gun. Michael is no longer at the window. "That's if mister! I have lost enough people in my life! And you think you can just take my Mikey away from me!!!! Who do you think you are???!!!!!" I jump onto him and get the gun. I point it straight at him shaking. He runs out the door. I drop the gun on the floor and fall to my knees.

I hear a groan. I look out my window. Michael is laying on the ground with a puddle if red liquid next to him. I climb down as fast as possible and try to help him up. "Michael it's going to be ok! I just need to help you up!" "Ouch! Libby it it it's fine." "No Michael you need help!" I run inside the boys place and scream as loud as I can "Calum! Ashton! Luke! Help!!!!! It's Michael!!!!!!" All three come running from upstairs. They get Michael and bring him inside to the couch. I tell them everything that happened and I hold Michaels hand.

We get the bullet out and there's something inscribed on it, "guys there's something on the bullet." I rinse it off and gasp! I run over to Michael. I hug him carefully, "remember at the drive in? The letter?" "Yeah, it said from m." "Well I think I know who" "WHO?!" "Mandy...." I show him the bullet with a m on it.

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