Mandy is back...... With help

In the last journey Mandy uses voodoo magic to control a boy and tear apart a strong love. The gang thought Mandy was a goner when she fell down the black hole but now she is back with some help to get what she wants.......... Spoiled brat right?

Sorry if this book isn't as good as the first book he voodoo doll plz read that one first!!!!!!¡


4. where's Michael?

I wake up to Ashton and Calum shaking me, "whaaaaaaaaaaattttt!!!!!" "Ariel and Luke can't find Michael anywhere and they drove all over town." I jump out of bed and run into Mikey's room. All I find is a sticky note on his game station, 'I have reclaimed what was rightfully mine and now my henchman wants Libby so he will be coming for her soon enough. -m' it had to be Mandy! I tell the boys about the dream and about the note.

Now Ariel and I made the boys drive us to the gas station. It's creepier than before. Ariel and I walk in....... After the boys (they insisted on going first). Ariel reaches for the lift switch, a rat ran by then it went pitch dark. I grab Ashton's arm and squeeze skittle tightly, "it's ok" he whispered. The lights immediately flashed back on! "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" We hear a girly shriek and someone grabs my arm, I turn to look and Calum freaked over seeing a rat or spider or something.

We decide to split into groups, Ashton and me, Calum Luke and Ariel. Ashton and I look near the counter and left side of store. We walk by a closet, but it's locked tight. I jiggle the door nob but it won't open. As we walk away it creeps open. I turn around. Ashton doesn't notice. I grab him and turn him around, "whoa! Don't pull me like that!" "Look!" I point at the door. A blank look is on his face. Then the door shakes and we hear noise, he jumps. "Ashton let's see if-" "we can open it? Already on it!" He said pulling the door with all his might.

"Hey Ashton!" He turns around. "I was going to say 'Ashton let's see if they have keys.' Try to unlock the door." Ashton tries three keys and the fourth one works, as the door creeps open, I turn on the flashlight on my iPod. I shine it around the closet, something in a bag moves fiercely. Ashton carefully opens the bag and Michael is inside! Ashton grabs the bag and we all run out.

Were driving back into town and Ariel is helping me untie Michael. "Thanks for coming guys..." Michael says weakly. "Anything for you!" I hug him but he winces so I hug him not as tight. I give Michael some water and medicine. Calum turns around to us, his eyes gleam widely. "Luke I'm coming back there!" Calum crawls from the passenger seat to the back. Ashton carefully keeps his eyes on the road. Calum takes his shirt off and puts it near Michaels side, then he carefully, and swiftly, pulls out a chunk of glass from Michaels side...

Sorry for delay!!!!!! I got sick and my iPod was slow but everything to normal!!!! Thank you guys soooooo much for being there to read what I write, although I know it's not very good. Please remember to read the voodoo doll, my other book, before this one! It's a series and thank you cupcakes all again!!! Stay zunnicque!!!!!πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜

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