Mandy is back...... With help

In the last journey Mandy uses voodoo magic to control a boy and tear apart a strong love. The gang thought Mandy was a goner when she fell down the black hole but now she is back with some help to get what she wants.......... Spoiled brat right?

Sorry if this book isn't as good as the first book he voodoo doll plz read that one first!!!!!!¡


5. my birthday

I wake up and hop off the couch. I'm still staying at the boys place, there's a knock on the door. It's Ariel "hey Libby!" "Hey Ariel...." "What's wrong libber? Wait! Oh yeah today's---" I cover her mouth. Then I whisper "the boys are probably still asleep and I don't want then fussing over me on my birthday." "Fine" she says then she runs over to Luke's room, quietly sneaks in and gets whipping cream out of her bag....... "Ariel, ur like 5!" I whisper. "Do you really expect me to act my own age?!" We are now yell whispering so we don't wake anyone up. She stares staring at me like, I know you're better than this. She tosses me another can of whipping cream and I just stare at it.

"AHHHHHHHHH, GOD!!!!" Michael screams as I spray him in the face with whipping cream. He jumps out of bed and h spray him all over until the can is empty. Then he smirks, "oh Libby, I love you sooooo much. So come here and give me a hug!" "Uh oh! Bye!!!!" I start running as he runs after me chasing me all over the living room and kitchen. Then he finally catches me and hugs me then rubs whipping cream in my hair and all over my clothes. "I hate you!" I say with a big smile in my face. "No you don't!" He smiles down at me with his big goofy smile. I smile back.

"OH GOD!!!ARIEL!!!!!" We hear and then a flash runs by and hides behind the counter. Then Luke walks out and he is covered in whipping cream! Michael and I start laughing. "Look who's laughing! You 2 are covered too!" I walk over to Luke "yeah Luke but your quiff isn't messed up." I smirk and as he turns to run I jump onto his back "noooooooo!!!!!!!" Then I run my hands all through his hair and messes up his hair.

"Ugh!! Will you at least help me find Ariel!" "Oh I don't know where she went." Michael says pointing to the counter. Luke looks at me and I nod. "I guess she left." He said then tip ties over to the counter and picked up Ariel! "NOOOOOOO!!!!! Luke I hate you I hate you I hate you!!!!!!!" She yells with a smile on her face. "Guys imma take a shower." "Ok!" They say throwing whipping cream around as I leave the room.

I let the warm water run down my back while I think about my birthday. I think about all the birthdays I had with my mom..... I feel the hot years run down my face and I guess I was sobbing a little loudly because then there was a knock and "Libby? You ok?" "Uhhhh yeah Michael!" "You sure?" "Yeah Michael!" I hear a sigh then I rinse my hair out, get dressed, and go into the living room.

"Where's Ariel?" I ask "she went tot take Calum, Ashton, and Michael to the doctors office." Luke answers "are they ok?!" "Yeah just need their yearly check up." "Oh ok....." "Libby. I know there's something wrong. What's up?" "Oh no I'm fine!" "Libby I see it in your eyes." I sit down next to Luke "well today is special and while I was in the bathroom and Michael asked if I was ok because he could hear me crying from outside and I said yeah but really I miss my mom a lot....." I say as a year runs down my face. He wraps his arms around me and bus me right "Libby you're like my sister now, I don't want to see you sad." Cody comes running up to us and jumps onto my lap. "You always know when in dad don't you Cody?" He just yaps and Luke rubs Cody's head.

I'm on the couch of the boys place and Cody is snuggled into my side with my arm around him. I'm listening to my music and thinking about my mom. Then it came to me! The one thing that makes me feel better is at my house though. My mom always had it on my birthday and this tradition will continue! I sneak out the front door and decide to go through the back of my house. Luke is in the garage in his guitar. I manage to sneak by while Cody distracts Luke.

I run in and Cody runs in after a bit. We run up to my room. Where is it?! Then I finally find it, my box of candles. Every year my mom put the candles into a box and told me to keep them for my wishes to come true. This the door slams shut. I turn around and there's nothing. I get out my iPod to turn on the flashlight but something throws it out of my hand. I'm shoves from behind and fall to the ground. Cody is standing by me growling in every direction. Then I see something go by the window I scream and Luke opens the door, "Libby! You ok?!" "I don't know let's get out of here now!" I grab my box of candles and we run out. Luke is holding Cody while in carrying my candle box.

"What was that?!" "I-I don't know. It shoved me to the ground." "At least were here and in one piece." "Yeah." "Hey what's that?" I look down at my box "it's something I had as a kid. My mom gave it to me." I let a tear or two slide down my face. "Let's go inside" Luke says as he puts an arm around my shoulders and walks me inside.

Cody sits on my lap and Luke is sitting next to me. "Remember how earlier you said today was special. How so?" He said. I don't know if I should tell him. "It's ummmm well....." "Libby please tell me. You can tell me anything." "Promise not to tell anyone?" "Promise!" Then he grabs my hand and wraps his pinky around my pinky. I just laugh at the grin on his face as he grabbed my pinky. "Ok let's talk" he said. I explained everything about my birthday and how I didn't want them to fuss over me. "Libby we want you to feel special on your birthday though!" "Well it's fine. All I need is my candle box on my birthday..." Then I walk to one of the bedrooms, I grab a blanket and head for the couch.

"LIBBY!!!!!!!!!!!!" "What Ariel!" "Soe thing is wrong with Michael!" "I'm coming" Ariel and I run to Michael's room, the boys jump out from their hiding spots, "SURPRISE!!!!!" I'm shocked at first, then I smile and hug Michael and Ariel joins in then Ashton then claim, and Luke last. While Michael and Ariel get the cake Ashton and Calum get the presents, I go over to Luke. "Why did you tell them?!" "I didn't. We already knew and we planned while you took a shower, the boys didn't go to the doctor, they went shopping with Ariel."

Ariel comes back with a medium cake that was my fav! Marble! Ariel puts a big candle in the middle. "Make a wish..." Michael says. I close my eyes tight, ten blow out the candles. I turn around and Calum has a huge smirk on his face, he is holding a camera and everyone is laughing. It's a relighting candle. "I needs to grab something...." I say then I go get my box and a cup of water. I go back into the room and set down the box. I grab the candle out if the cake and pour water on it. "You know for that little prank I will get you gust back." Then we all started laughing.

"LIBBY LIBBY LIBBY!!!!!!!!!!! Open my present!!!!!!!!!!" Ariel says handing me a a big rectangle box. "Ariel....... You didn't get what I think you got right?!" "Depends now open it!@ she wined. I open the box...... It was exactly what I thought. "What is it Libby?!" Michael says. "Last year Ariel took me to the mall and I saw this in the music store window, my mom didn't have enough to get it...... Ariel t-thank you so much!" I hug her. "I didn't ask why she got it! What is it?!" Michael says. "An electric guitar doofus! Come over and see it!" He picks it up and plays a little. "LIBBY!!!!! You know exactly why u got it!" "Why?" Michael asks.

Why would Ariel get Libby a guitar??!!! Hmmmm...... Well anyways!!! Sorry took so long to write but I got writers block!!!!!!!! But here is my very long chapter! Hope you like it! So fan me, fav this, read first book, comment what ever! Just to let you know a new character is coming soon! Sneak peek!!!!! She will be a new best friend and a girlfriend!!!! Anyway that enough spoiling!!!! Stay zunnicque!!!!!🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆

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