Mandy is back...... With help

In the last journey Mandy uses voodoo magic to control a boy and tear apart a strong love. The gang thought Mandy was a goner when she fell down the black hole but now she is back with some help to get what she wants.......... Spoiled brat right?

Sorry if this book isn't as good as the first book he voodoo doll plz read that one first!!!!!!¡


1. home sweet home

"Yap yap!!" Cody barks waiting for his food. "I'm coming!" I say. The gang and I went on the craziest journey! Who's well at least Mandy is gone for good (read first book the voodoo doll!) I grab the dog food and feed Cody my German Shepard I got as a gift from Mikey my boyfriend. I love him so much, in fact he should be coming over to take me to the summer special at the drive-in. I feed Cody and get his leash to bring him along. Then I hear a knock at the door, but it's not Mikey.

There is a boy standing there about my age maybe a year older "hello are you Libby?" He asks, "yes, do you need some help?" "I just have heard a lot about you and wanted to meet you, I'm new in town my name is Jeremy." I shake his hand "nice to meet you Jeremy, I'm sorry but I have to get ready for-" he cuts me off "would you like to go to the movies?" "I'm sorry Jeremy but I'm getting ready for a date with my boyfriend." "Oh ok." Then Mikey and Luke pull up in their car, "ugh tell them I wi be right out!" I run inside to grab my phone, my wallet, and my dog when I get a text. It says: from Mikey, Libby you aren't coming? I text back: I'm coming I have to grab my stuff didn't Jeremy tell you I would be right out? I get a reply, no he said you were going to the movies with him.

Mikey is driving while I sit in passages seat we are going to gets bestie Ariel, she is dating Luke. Ashton and Calum are playing video games at home. I hope tonight I get to kiss Mikey on the lips, I never have. I really like Mikey, we were almost torn apart by a witch...... No joke she really was a witch! Anyway back to life. Ariel jumps on and we hug. She whispers in my ear "does Mikey know when your birthday is?" Then I shove her laughing. My birthday is coming up soon and I'm seeing if Mikey will remember. Then we pull up and I grab money out of my wallet when Mikey closes my wallet and takes money out of his pocket.

We are watching the newest funniest ron-com, are we together? Mikey and I are sitting in the front of the van and Ariel and Luke in back. Mikey reaches over and says, "Luke and I will go and get some popcorn pop and candy, ok?" "Ok hurry back though!" Ariel and I talk about how nice they are tonight, when 2 men jump in the van and throw me to the back. They Hotwire the van but Ariel and I open the back jump out and run to the snack shack. We bump right into Mikey and Luke we hug them and explain everything that happened.

We get bad to the van and there's a note

Give us Libby and nothing bad will happen



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