Abused {N.H}

Tess is a poor girl who is abused at home and isn't allowed to go anywhere.... What will happen when one day she runs away ?


8. The mall (part 2)

*Tess POV*

After we met Nialls friends we went to eat. I barely ate anything since I was full from our attempt at breakfast.

It was time to go our seperate ways now.

"Bye guys!" Me and Niall said in unison.

"Ok let's go to Forever XXI now!" Niall told me.

We went there and there were soo many clothes there!

"You an choose anything you like love!" Niall told me while smiling.

"I don't know what to get! There are soo many choices! I haven't seen soo many clothes in one place! Can u help me choose, maybe!?"

"Sure! Anything for u love!" Niall told me

After we finished buyin them we ended up with 2 dresses. 1 was white and had frilly lace on it. The other was a black glittery one. We had like 15 shirts and 10 pants.

"Ok let's just buy shoes from here too!"

"Ok!" I replied smiling

We went to get shoes and people started to crowd Niall! I couldn't even see him anymore.

"Niall! Where are you?" I shouted at the top of my lungs.

A girl came out of nowhere and pushed me, I fell on the floor.

"Ouch! Why did you do that?" I asked the mean girl

"You don't deserve Niall! He doesn't need an ugly person like you to be with him!" She spatted at me.

"And who might you be, telling me I cant be with my boyfriend? And how do you know him?" I shouted at her

She gasped. She put her hand in the air! I knew she was about to slap me. I closed my eyes and turned away.

The slap never came but I heard a deep British voice boomin through the store. It was the guy with the curls. What was his name, what was his name??? I kept thinking. Oh it was Harry.

"Now love, you don't want to hit other peoples girlfriends? Do you? Is that wht we should think of our fans?" Harry said to the girl."

"I'm sorry Harry, I wont do it again!" She told him and she left

"Thankyou Harry!" I said while smiling.

"No problem love anything for my lads girlfriend!" He smiled and his dimpled popped out. They were soo cute.

*Nialls POV*

We were shopping and as soon as we went to the shoes section, people started crowding me. I was losing sight of Tess!

"Niall! Where are you!?" I could here Tess's voice.

All the people were crowding me and I couldn't see Tess anymore.

"Can all of you please move!!" I said madly.

"Is this your new girlfriend?" "Is one direction going to break up?" "What are your thoughts on how fans will react to this?" I could hear all the people say! They were all paparazzi.

I saw a girl going towards Tess and she pushed her. I got mad and pushed the paparazzi to the floor.

The girl was about to hit Tess. "Stop!" I said to her but saw I was too late! Harry stopped the girl. Thank god

I saw Tess smile! It made me mad tht she was smiling for another guy!

I ran to Tess. "Are you alright? She didn't hurt you anywhere right?"

"Niall Im fine! Thanks to Harry!" She flashed a smile at him. I was getting jealous.

"Yeah, thanks Harry! Thanks a lot!" I muttered the last part to myself!

*Tess POV*

I finally saw Niall and we were going out of the shop but I saw something sparkle on the corner of my eye

"Niall can we get that necklace please!?" I asked him.

"Sure, anything for you love!" He replied. He was soo cute!!

We went to get in the line and I saw someone coming towards us from a distance. Who was it? I think I've seen him somewhere.

As soon as I could see who he was I started crying and hid behind Niall. I couldn't face this guy right now! After all he put me through. Why did he have to come to my life again!


Hi guys :) I know I haven't updated for soo loong!! There's been soo much school work and things going on and I just didnt have time :( I'm sorry!! Btw HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!

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