Abused {N.H}

Tess is a poor girl who is abused at home and isn't allowed to go anywhere.... What will happen when one day she runs away ?


3. The Alley

*Nialls POV*

We just finished our concert and it was time for the meet and greets.

"Oh, Zayn can I take a picture with you?" I heard a fan say. Then another talking about Louis and more about my other mates.

Why don't they want to take pictures with me or talk about me? Why do people think just because I'm Irish I shouldn't belong in the band!

I'm sure that they won't miss me if I go out for a while! I just randomly started going in one direction.I found an alley while I was walking.

There was a bench there. I guess I could sit there for a while and look at other people. I just sat an saw a girl coming. She had a ripped shirt and ripped tights and beautiful light brown hair, which was really dirty right now.

"Hi, love, come sit with me. Please?" I said to the girl while smiling.

*Tess' POV*

There was a bench right next to where the alley starts. I went to see if anyone was sitting on it. There was a blond guy with the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.

"Hi, love, come sit with me. Please?" I heard him say. I was entrapped in his beautiful blue orbs that were his eyes, and I didnt notice that I was already sitting next to him on the bench.

"What is such a pretty girl like you doing here all alone?" He asked me.

I could feel the hot tears coming out of my eyes as soon as he said that. "I ran away from my house!" I told him while crying.

Now he was hugging me and it felt soo nice. I had never experienced a hug from anyone except my mother, who gave me just one,

I started crying more and then I was drifting off. I cant sleep here! I thought to myself but he was soo comfortable so I just slept.

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