Abused {N.H}

Tess is a poor girl who is abused at home and isn't allowed to go anywhere.... What will happen when one day she runs away ?


4. Home sweet home

*Nialls POV*

I just asked her a question and she started to cry. I couldn't see her cry anymore so I just hugged her. She started crying louder and louder.

"Are you ok love?" I asked her. She wasn't answering back. I looked at her and she was sleeping. she looked so cute while sleeping. I didnt want to wake her up but I guess I have to. She didn't have anywhere to go. Maybe I should take her with me!

"Love wake up! By the way what is your name?" I asked her. "Please give me 5 more minutes!!!" She started crying again!

"Ok love, take all the time you need!" I told her and she snuggled up. It was so cold outside. She must be freezing having only a ripped shirt. I took my jacket off and put it on her.

"Love, what's your name!?" I asked her again. "Hmm.... Tess" she said as she drifted off to sleep again.

The lads must be worried about me. I should probably go back now. I picked Tess up "bridal style" and called a taxi over. I'm pretty sure they would all be at home by now.

I told the driver the address of my place and we reached there in like 5 minutes. I payed the driver, said thank you and took Tess inside.

The lights were already on, " The lads must be already here!" I thought to myself, " Well I'll be ready to receive some yelling and screaming.

As soon as I came in I saw them sitting on the couch with their head in their arms. I quietly went to my room and put Tess on my bed. I put a blanket on her and kissed her head. "Goodnight Love" I said to her while smiling.

I went back downstairs and I was ready to get yelled at but when the lads saw me they just bombarded me in a bear hug.

"Niall where were you? You little leprechaun! you had us worried to death!" Louis said to me. All the other lads were saying similar things.

I was soo happy that they actually missed me! "I was at the alley!" I told them.

"Why were you at the alley?" Zayn asked

"I just started walking and I reached an alley! I found a girl there too! She ran away from her house." I told them Tess' story.

"Well where is she now?" Liam asked. "She's sleeping in my room!"

"Then where will you sleep?" Harry added. "Guys its fine Ill just sleep on the floor!" I said while smiling. They were worried . I'm just so happy to have such understanding mates.

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