Abused {N.H}

Tess is a poor girl who is abused at home and isn't allowed to go anywhere.... What will happen when one day she runs away ?


1. Hard Life

I heard keys jingling. I think he's going to let me out now! Its been so long since I came out!

"Tess! You little piece of s**t! Come and clean my shoes! Right this instant!" My dad said. I don't call him dad at all though!

"Oh so your not coming out? Should I get my whip?" He tried to threaten me. I was in a corner whimpering. I already had soo many marks on me! I don't think my body could take anymore!

I quickly ran towards the show polish. I brought it and he kicked me in the face with his big shoe! "That's what you get for not being fast enough!"

Now I was crying! It's the same thing every other day when he goes to work. Sometimes he doesn't even let me out of this cage! God knows why he is caging his own daughter in his own basement!

"Work Faster!!!!!! I'm gonna be late to work! And stop your stupid crying its ruining my shoes!"

"Oh My God! Why did you kill your mother? Now I'm left with you all alone who doesn't even listen to me! Maybe I should just send you to the police for doing that!"

I DID NOT kill my mother!!! I don't know why he thinks that! Mom died because she was sick!

"I left some food for you! Its leftovers from yesterday! And wash the dishes after you're done! And when I come home I'll lock you so just be downstairs after you finish working! Or you'll have to face the whip again!"

"Ok!" I managed to say between my sobs which had gotten louder because he mentioned mom!

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