Abused {N.H}

Tess is a poor girl who is abused at home and isn't allowed to go anywhere.... What will happen when one day she runs away ?


6. Girlfriend!?

*Tess POV*

I went downstairs and I could smell something burning.

"Niall are you alright?" I asked. "Umm... Yeah! I'm just not very good at cooking!" He replied while smiling.

His smiling face was soo cute! No Tess! This isn't the time to think about that! I have to go help him!

"Can I help?" I asked him, " I've never cooked before either, we can both learn together!" I said while smiling.

"But... But" Niall was stuttering now. "Please!?" I made a pouty puppy face! I knew he cant resist this!

"Fine!" He sighed as he finally gave in!

*Nialls POV*

Its like somehow she knew I cant resist her pouty face! "fine!" I sighed and finally gave in! The truth is I wanted to cook something for her.

"Well but first we should start over! Hello, I'm Niall and would you like to be my girlfriend?" I asked her. Maybe it was too soon! What if she rejects me? What am I going to do if that happens?

*Tess POV*

Niall said we should start over! He wanted me to be his girlfriend!?

"Niall are you sure about that? I mean there are millions of girls in the world that are prettier than me! I'm ugly and undesirable! I don't want you to be miserable! You should enjoy your life with someone that you love!" I said while crying again. The tera just came out this time and my heart hurt when I said that!

Niall came and hugged me. "Of course I'm sure baby! I don't care if there are millions of girls in the world but you are my world! And no matter what don't believe anyone who says your ugly or undesirable you are the mere opposite! I love you Tess! I love you and only you! I don't know what I'll do if you left me! I know I just met you but I love you!" Now Niall was crying too now.

"Ok! I'll try my best to be your girlfriend!" Now I was smiling.

"I love you Tess!" He said while smiling

"I love you too Nialler!"


Hi guys!! Thankyou for reading! I'm sorry I haven't updated for soo long! Sorry :( so I did a double update today! Hope you like it! Plz like an comment!

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