It's just Business...

Clarity Sumners was never the girl to mess with. Sure she was pushed around in high school, constantly getting made fun of for her shortness, braces, and stoutness, but now she was a lean, tan, tall, straight-teethed woman who no guy could take his eyes off. That's probably why she was so good at her job.


5. No one says "No" to Clare...

~~"So this a recording studio?" Clare asked, looking into the big room.

"Yea...this is where the magic happens!" Harry grinned, standing awkwardly beside Clare.

Just then, 4 boys entered the room. "Oh, Samantha. These are my bandmates! Louis, Zayn, Niall, and Liam.

Clare's eyes widened. She couldn't let Liam see her! She scanned the room, and grabbed a magazine to hide behind.

"Um...hi?" Niall said.

"Hi...Sorry, I'm just so into this article!" Clare lied, staring at a page about dog trainers.

"Well, guys, let's get started!"

Clare heard the boys shuffle into the recording room, and she lowered her magazine. Harry shot her a smile as they moved into the microphone. Liam wasn't paying attention, thank goodness!

She took out her phone and pretended to snap a few pictures. This is so boring!

After what felt like forever, and Clare listening to music she would say that would make your ears bleed, the boys came out.

"Harry, let's go!" Clare pleaded, checking to make sure Liam wasn't looking.

"Ok..." Harry agreed.


Clare climbed into Harry's Range Rover, and eyed Harry.

"So what'd you think?" he asked.

"Wow. Amazing!" Clare lied, silently gagging.

"Glad you liked it!" Harry smiled. He looked down, checking his phone.

"Who is it?" Clare asked, leaning over.

"Just my girlfriend..." Harry said, awkwardly. He scratched his head, looking around the car.

"I had a lot of fun!" Clare said. "We should do it again sometime!"

"Maybe..." Harry was suddenly very quiet.

Time to make a move.

"Harry..." Clare smiled. "I'm extremely attracted to you...and you cant lie, saying you're not attracted to me!"

Harry looked at Clare, eyes wide. "Um...I..."

"Shhh..." Clare grabbed his hand. She then got up from the seat, and moved over on top of Harry, his legs between hers.

"What are you-"

The horn honked, "Oops!" Clare giggled.

"Samantha, I-"

"Don't speak!" Clare smiled. "Let's just do this.."

She moved down, and kissed Harry softly. She pulled away, making sure he had a face of bewilderment, and kissed harder, rubbing his legs with her fingers.

At first he didn't pull away, but then he turned his head. "I can't do this! It's wrong!"

"Lily doesn't have to know!" Clare cried.

Harry paused. "I never told you my girlfriend was Lily..."

Clare stopped. "Um...who wouldn't know you two were dating!" she laughed trying to pull it off.

"I think you should go..." Harry said, quietly, not looking at Clare.

Clare was stunned. This had never happened before! No guy EVER pulled away! She was in uncharted territory. She needed to step up her game. But she had a plan, and went with what Harry said.

"I'm sorry..." Clare pretended, her eyebrows cocked. She opened his door, and climbed over him, and out of the car.

She turned and walked away with a smile on her face. From afar, she saw a few paparazzi waiting outside the building. Little did they know, Harry was out back.

Time for plan B.

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