It's just Business...

Clarity Sumners was never the girl to mess with. Sure she was pushed around in high school, constantly getting made fun of for her shortness, braces, and stoutness, but now she was a lean, tan, tall, straight-teethed woman who no guy could take his eyes off. That's probably why she was so good at her job.


11. No more Ms. Mean Girl!

~~Clare stood in her office, stuffing office supplies into a little box.

Megan gently knocked on the door. "Miss Sumners, what are you doung?"

"I've always wanted to be a doctor...maybe I'll go to med school!" Clare fantasized.

"You fell in love with Harry, didnt you?" Megan smirked.

"Yes...but it's not just that.." Clare explained. She looked up to her almost empty office and met Megan's eyes. "I feel like my job is wrong. Like I shouldn't do it anymore."

"What did you do to my boss?" Megan laughed.

"I'm sorry about taking your job away...and everyone else..." Clare said, apologetically.

"It's never paid us enough anyway!" Megan said, waving her hand in the air.

"About that..." Clare looked down at her suede flats. "I'm sorry...about everything."

"About being a jerk? And ruining my life?" Megan asked.

Clare looked up and gasped. "Did I really ruin your life?"

"No!" Megan joked. "I'm just messing with you!"

Clare sighed. "You're really cool.."

"Thanks!" Megan exclaimed. She looked at the boxes on the floor. "You better be going after Harry after this!"

"I think I might.." Clare said, nervously.

Megan nodded satisfactory. "Well, it was nice knowing you...friend." She left the room.

Clare smiled. That was 2 new friends in the matter of an hour. Maybe it was better to be your nice, caring self.

Sorry the chapter is short! :)

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