It's just Business...

Clarity Sumners was never the girl to mess with. Sure she was pushed around in high school, constantly getting made fun of for her shortness, braces, and stoutness, but now she was a lean, tan, tall, straight-teethed woman who no guy could take his eyes off. That's probably why she was so good at her job.


4. Harry, I need you!

~~Clare pulled on a white crop top and high wasted distressed shorts. She then strapped on some Jimmy Choo gladiators and put her hair in a high ponytail. This wasn't her usual sexy look she always had on guys, but for Harry, she wanted something subtle. Time for Phase 2: I need you.

She unlocked her phone and saw One New Message. "It's about time, Harry!"

The message read, "Hey....this is Harry. Harry Styles."

She dialed his number and waited. After a few rings, he picked up. "Hello?"

"Hey, Harry! This is Cl....I mean, Samantha!" Clare said, in her fake perky voice.

"Hey..." Harry sounded cautious.

"Listen...I have an emergency...My boss wants me to get some pictures of you recording in a studio. Do you think we could make that happen?" Clare asked innocently.

"Um...yea. Yea, sure."

"Great!" Clare smirked. "Can you pick me up as soon as you can?"

"Sure," Harry said, not confidently.

Clare gave him her address and hung up. "Easy as pie!" she laughed. She went to her shopping bag that read Pottery Barn and grabbed the few pictures she bought last night. To complete Phase 3: Show Him Around, she had to look like a photographer...even though she hated having pictures on her wall.

Within 20 minutes, there was a knock at the door. Clare pushed her hair back, and again, applied an extra coat of gloss, and answered the door. "Oh, hi!" she cheered, seeing Harry.

Harry looked at her and smiled. "Ready?"

"Almost. Care to come in?" Clare opened the door more, and Harry walked cautiously in. He glanced around the room. "Did you take these pictures?" he asked.

"Um...yea! All me!" Clare lied.

"Wow! You're really good!" Harry smiled.

"Thanks!" Clare smiled. She was already ready for Phase 4! Usually, she didn't get there until the 4th day. It was only the 2nd! They were breezing through. Tonight, she would go for Phase 4: The Kiss. She hated that part. Some guys just didn't kiss well, but she had a feeling Harry was pretty good in the field.

She grabbed her purse, and they headed to the recording studio.

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