It's just Business...

Clarity Sumners was never the girl to mess with. Sure she was pushed around in high school, constantly getting made fun of for her shortness, braces, and stoutness, but now she was a lean, tan, tall, straight-teethed woman who no guy could take his eyes off. That's probably why she was so good at her job.


10. Go get your man back Clare!

~~It was already noon, and Clare hadn't shown up for work. Instead, she laid in her bed, surrounded by covers and used tissues. She didn't sleep last night, as you would expect. All she did was go over and over in her head that one sentence. "I NEVER want to see you again."

Did Harry mean that? He can't still be mad! He has to see where she was coming from.

Clare pulled out her phone which was ringing. "Hello?" her voice was scratchy.

"Clare? It's Lily. Are you alright?"

Clare made a sound that was a mix of yes and no.

"What happened last night?"

Clare moaned, hardly able to speak.

"Listen, Harry told me everything. He came to my door last night yelling his head off, telling me he loved you and you broke his heart. Stuff like that. Did you really fall for him?" Lily asked.


"Well, I told him that! I told him you really did love him. Then, he rambled on saying how could I do that to him and stuff..." she was quiet. "We broke up if that makes you feel any better..." she sighed. "You did a good job...thanks..."

Clare rolled her eyes. If she did such a good job, why did she feel like this. Like Harry had stabbed her in the gut.

"I know I'm not helping you...." Lily admitted. "But I know you two love each other..." she stopped again. "Harry and the band are leaving today. If you really love should go after him!"

Clare laughed, like Lily had just told a joke.

"I'm serious!"

"Yea..." Clare laughed. "He's gonna take me back with open arms!" she said, her voice filled with sarcasm.

"Clare....get up...and take care of things!" Lily cheered.

"You know what?" Clare jumped up, and climbed out of bed. "You're an idiot, but you're right!" She pulled on some jeans and a sweater. Then she scrambled for her Uggs.

She stopped, taking the phone from her shoulder. "Thanks..."

"That's what friends are for!" Lily laughed.

Clare smiled. Friends.

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