It's just Business...

Clarity Sumners was never the girl to mess with. Sure she was pushed around in high school, constantly getting made fun of for her shortness, braces, and stoutness, but now she was a lean, tan, tall, straight-teethed woman who no guy could take his eyes off. That's probably why she was so good at her job.


6. Clarity has feelings?

~~Clare laid on her Victorian-style bed, staring at the ceiling. She felt completely out of her comfort zone. What was going on? Why did she feel like she was falling apart? She needed a way to get back to Harry, and get back on track.

She dialed Lily's number. "Hello?"

"Hey...we have a problem..." Clare said.

"I knew Harry would push you away! I need to get him to let go of me!"

"Don't worry. I have a plan!" Clare half-lied.

She got up and unbuttoned her pencil skirt. She then pulled on tights and an oversized tee. Even without trying, she looked sexy. Scanning through her text messages from many boys of the past, she found Harry, and texted. "Hey...I'm sorry about yesterday. Can we meet up and talk?" She hit SEND and waited.

When she worried he wouldn't reply, a new message popped up. "Yea, meet me at the pier."

Clare smiled. She pulled on sandals, and headed out, what she was going to say planned out in her head.


Clare waited for half an hour, swinging her feet on the edge of the pier.

"Um...hey..." Harry sat cautiously, sitting beside her.

"Hey!" Clare jumped.

"You wanted to talk?"

"Yea..." Clare prepared. "I just wanted to say-"

"Listen." Harry interrupted. "I wanted to say I'M sorry!"

Clare furrowed her brows. "You're sorry?"

"Yea...for leading you on!" Harry frowned.

Clare was appalled. Finally, her hateful self erupted. No more pretend sweetheart. "YOU led ME on? I don't think so!" she scolded him.

"Um...what are you talking about?" Harry asked, confusion in his voice.

Clare sighed. "Nothing..."

"Well, can I ask you something? You know, since you're a girl?"

"Yea?" Clare was scared.

Harry reached into his jacket pocket, and pulled out a little box. He popped it open, revealing a huge diamond ring.

No, no, no, no! This cannot be happening! No! This ruins everything!

Clare stared at the ring in utter bewilderment. She gulped. This was not good!

"Do you think she will like it?" Harry asked, staring at Clare.

"Um....I...." Clare, for the first time ever, had nothing to say. She slouched over, giving up. Her act was useless. He wasn't looking at her that way. There was no point in an act anymore. She was ready to tell him anything.

"My name's not really Samantha!" she blurted out.

Harry looked at her, confused. He put the ring back in his pocket.

"Then what is it?" he asked.

"Clare...well, that's what everybody calls me..." Clare said, looking at the water. She was ashamed she had given up so easily.

"What's your real name?"

Clare glanced at Harry. "I'm not telling you! I hate it!"

"Just tell me!" Harry nudged Clare playfully.

"It's...Clarity...Weird right?"

"I like it!" Harry said.

Clare blushed. Did she just blush? She never blushed when someone complimented her. But she had never told a guy her real name, either. What was wrong with her?

"Thanks..." she said softly.

"You know Clarity means clear...and pure. Are you pure?" he asked, raising his eyebrows.

Clare looked up. No one would ever have believed she was a virgin....but she was. You would think the girl everyone wanted; the perfect girl would have done it, but she hadn't and she was embarrassed by it. That's why she put up a wall.

"Yea..." she admitted, shocked with herself she had actually told the truth.

"I like that..." Harry said, again. "That means you have self-respect."

Clare's stomach did a flip. What was that? Why was she acting all weird?

She smiled...this time a genuine smile. A real smile that made her face even brighter. She didn't really ever think about self-respect. She didn't really have it, but the way Harry said it made her feel good.

"Wanna hear a joke?" Harry asked.

"Why not?" Clare said.

"Have you ever wondered why fish are so smart?" Harry asked.

Clare nodded her head.

"Because they're always in schools!" Harry laughed, pleased with himself.

Clare giggled, even though it wasn't funny. But she truly laughed this time...because she was happy.

Harry stopped and looked at her. "I want to show you something.." he said, getting up. He held out his hand, and Clare eyed it. Why not?

She cautiously took it. Why was she being so....herself. It was unnatural. She started feeling, and people would think she wouldn't feel. But she had already revealed more to Harry than any business client. Something was not right. Clare needed to get herself together.

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