Dayrls little girl

Darcy Dixon yes i said Dixon is Daryl Dixon's daughter, What happens when she falls in love, will her dad approve or will he let it slip by.


4. Chapter 3

(Darcy's outfit)

After meeting everyone i started talking to Carl "so how was you live before this" He asked me "Um i was in 5th grade i had 4 brothers 2 older brothers and 2 younger brothers so i was the only girl and i was the middle child. I loved the band one direction, 5 seconds of summer, and black veil brides. I was born in Doncaster London which makes me the sass master from doncaster" i tell him (A/N i know louis tomlinson is the sass master but i had to put this i here lol)"Haha well i was in the 5th grade i was the only child and i never really listened to music so i don't know who one direction and whatever else you said are but i did love comics and other things". he says i just looked at him with my mouth wide open "What" he asked "YOU DON'T KNOW WHO ONE DIRECTION, 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER, AND BLACK VEIL BRIDES ARE" i yelled "Nope" he says "Let me show u i have a poster of each of them in my ba- OH MY GOSH i left my bag in that tree i was in and my crossbow is in it i have to get it back" i say running towards the woods "DARCY WAIT" Carl yells but i ignore him and run to the tree i was in before i got shot, i look up and see it hanging on a branch so i climb up and grab it look down and see Carl looking around so i jump behind him and yell hi cowboy in his ear he turns around real fast and punches me where i got shot and i fall on the ground in pain "OH MY GOSH i am so sorry i didn't mean to please forgive me please". he says panicking with tears in his eyes i look at him and gave him a weak smile "Its okay i'll live" i say still holding my wound "but your bleeding" he says worried "i know just... can you hold my bag" i ask he nods and grabs it and helps me up "thanks cowboy" i say "for what" he asked "For teaching me a lesson not to scare the shit out of you" i say laughing a bit "okay lets get back to the farm before people get worried or even notice were gone". He says and i just nod and followed him back up the hill. We get back to the farm and i go straight to Hershel and get cleaned up "Thanks" i say "no problem" He replies, Its started to get dark so i go in the living room and lay on the floor and fall asleep.

(A/N sorry its short i couldn't thank of anything else)  

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