Dayrls little girl

Darcy Dixon yes i said Dixon is Daryl Dixon's daughter, What happens when she falls in love, will her dad approve or will he let it slip by.


3. Chapter 2

(Skip the surgery)

Darcy’s p.o.v

I open my eyes and look around put nobody was in in the room so i get up and try to walk but completely failed “OOOOWWWWWWWW” i yell and got up and walked out of the room well more like wobbled out.

I get outside and bump into someone “Oww” i mutter and look up and see a Chinese looking guy “watch it china boy” i snap frustrated “OK OK sorry angry much” he says and i get mad “You mother fu-” i start to say and start to jump on him but someone is holding me back “let me go” i say and look back “DADDY” i yell and hug him “Hey baby girl so whats going on here” He asked so i explained “So china boy bumped into me i said watch it china boy and he is like OK OK sorry angry much and he pissed me off” “OK first he is Korean and his name is Glenn and second You can still call him china boy if you want" Daddy says

not caring that i cussed that's what i love most about him he don't care what i talk about or what i say. "Daddy can i met the group i want to met the boy i saved or at least i think i saved him" i ask "sure and you did save him when you started to have a seizure he ran out crying i think you should go talk to him and his name is Carl" he explains "OK i will go and talk to him" i reply and walk out and try to find the Carl, i look around and see a boy in a hat that must be Carl i thought so i walked up to him and sat down next to him "Hey Carl right?" i asked he looks up with wide eyes "Yep that's me and your Darcy right? he asked back "Yep" i say and it falls silent "Thanks" he says breaking the awkward silence "For what?" i ask "For saving me i could have been dead if it wasn't for you" he says "No problem cowboy" i said giving him a nickname i think i'm going to give every body a a nickname " Hey Carl could you take me to met everyone please" i ask "Sure" he replies and takes me to where i see about 11 or 12 people "Hey everyone" Carl yells and everybody looks our way now its my turn to speck "Hey i just wanted to introduce myself I'm Darcy Daryl's daughter and i just wanted to met everyone so can you give me your names?" i ask and explain "OH MY GOSH are you sick, your actually being nice" my dad said putting a hand on my for head and everybody laughs and i fake pout, to be honest i can be funny, mean, or polite i have mixed emotions "Very funny dad" i say sarcastically

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