Dayrls little girl

Darcy Dixon yes i said Dixon is Daryl Dixon's daughter, What happens when she falls in love, will her dad approve or will he let it slip by.


2. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

“I'm sorry” i say pulling the trigger and fall to the ground crying my eyes out . “i will miss you mommy” i whisper and get up still crying and go pack up some stuff. Its been 2 months since the outbreak and i don’t know how long it will last, but i need to survive so i can find my dad i miss him so much, back to reality, i grab some food and my crossbow and head out. As i'm walking down the street i feel something in my pocket i pull it out and its a razor i look at it then put it back in my pocket, not looking where i was  going i bumped into something, “OW stupid pole” i mumbled rubbing my head, now my head is bleeding but i ignore it so i walk in the woods. It was getting dark so i climb up a tree and sleep…

I wake up to voices so i decide to listen and watch i see a boy around my age looking at a deer i look up and see a guy  behind some bushes with a gun about to shoot “WATCH OUT” i yell and jump in front of him and i feel a sharp pain in my chest i got shot. “B+” i say before blacking out.

Ricks p.o.v  

i smile and watch Carl walk closer to the deer he was slow-“WATCH OUT” i hear someone yell and see a girl jump in front of Carl, then she flew backwards i run up to her she says B+  and i pick her up and run, i see a guy running towards us when he gets to us he says “i’m so sorry about your girl i didn't see her” “She’s not mine i don’t even know her she jumped in front of my son, Do you know where we can get help” I explain “yes follow me” he says and we follow him to a farm where a woman is on the front steps when she see’s us she stands up “daddy” the woman yelled and a older man came out and walked up to us and grabbed her took her inside, laying her on a bed. “she needs blood” he says “She has B  blood type that's the same as Daryl's blood type you need to go get him” i say “where is he” he asked “He is in the woods by a church with the rest of our group” i explain “ok Maggie go get him on the horse” he says “Ok daddy” she replied and leaves


Daryl's p.o.v  

We were walking when we heard someone “hey” a lady on a horse said “I need Daryl” she says “that’s me why do you need me” i say “We have rick, Carl, Shane, and a little girl up at our farm and the little girl was shot she jumped  in front of Carl before he got shot and she needs blood they say she is B+ blood type like you” she explains “Ummm ok i'm coming” i say getting on the horse while thinking could this girl be my daughter, i miss Darcy she was so bad a** like me i get snapped out of my thoughts when we arrive at the farm i jumped of the horse and run inside to the room she was in and i seen her this girl is my little girl i went up to her and cried nobody was in there at the moment “Hey if you can hear me i love you im sorry i left i couldn't find you and your mom i thought you were dead i’m so so sorry i love you so much baby girl” i say to her sleeping body “Daryl” i hear someone say from behind me i snap my head to the voice it was Carl “hey Carl” i say with tears still in my eyes “Why were you saying i love u and stuff to her” he asked “umm i have to tell you something ok if i do will you not freak out”i say he shakes his head “ok her name is Darcy Dixon and she is my daughter” i say “WOW you never told us you had a kid” he said sounding surprised I chuckle a little “Well kid Y’all never asked” i say “oh” he says “now go tell the others” i say he nods his head and runs off i laugh when i hear a lot of gasps and foot stomps coming this way i chuckle and everybody i know comes burst in with wide eyes “what” i ask laughing “YOU HAVE A DAUGHTER”  They say in unison i chuckle at their response “yep got a problem” i ask “no we never would have thought that the Daryl Dixon would would have a kid” rick says “And why is that” i ask happy for once “Umm we don’t  

know but you know she saved Carl's life” rick say “Yes i do” i say

Darcy’s p.o.v

I heard a familiar voice but i couldn't make out what they were saying I slowly open my eyes and move my head “SHE’S AWAKE” i hear someone yell i fully open my eyes and scream “aaahhhhh the light” and everybody in the room laughed I looked around and my eyes landed on…

My dad “DADDY” i yelled trying to get up then he pushed me back down “Ohhhhhh come on i'm fine” i say then pass out

Daryl’s p.o.v

“Ohhhhhh come on i’m fine” Darcy says and passes out and starts shaking “HERSHEL SOMETHING IS WRONG” i scream starting to cry and Hershel comes running in “Don't touch her she is having a seizure you have to let her go through it” he says and i break down crying

Carl's p.o.v

She started shaking and Daryl yelled for Hershel i started crying and think is she going to be okay and cry even harder.



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