Just a little Geeky

Four boys all sharing the same dream meet four very different girls. When Ashton meets his dream girl will he be able to help her through? Will Calum break through her high walls? Will Luke manage to keep time aside and will Michael find any sparks?


2. Walking into Strangers

*Hattie's perspective*

         I hadn't seen Emily in ages, she walked off with Jem to talk to 'deadpool guy,' but then she just disappeared with some random person. I mean she is twenty she can do whatever the hell she wants, I was more curious about who she walked off with, because I need a name to stalk someone on-line. It's a bit of a problem. I pushed up onto my tip toes and scanned the area for the sight of her, when I became preoccupied with something else. There was a guy mirroring my movements searching for someone he'd lost to the crowd. I wasn't quite sure who he was supposed to be, Emily was the marvel nerd but he was definitely pulling it off, like how does he even do that? 

        I started walking casually over in his direction and accidentally on purpose walked straight into him. "Oops sorry! Need to look where I'm going."

       "No it's my fault don't worry about it, I'm Calum by the way" He gave me a cheeky smile which just made me melt into pieces.

       "It's Hattie, with an ie, just in case you needed that." Oh god I've screwed up, but he just laughed not mocking me, like I had just made a joke.

       "That's exactly what I needed to know, see I meet a lot of girls and loads are called Hattie, but now they'll only ever be one with an ie." I think that's a compliment? But then he said he meets a lot of girls what's that supposed to mean?. Before I could reply a very happy Emily jumped on my back followed by Jem and Isabel both wearing very confused expressions.

      Jem explained "see Emily's very happy and she refuses to tell us why," This is about where she dissapeared to right, I'll make her tell me. 

     "Why so happy Emz?" 

     "Hall H time come on let's go you know how crowded it get's" she dragged us through the crowds Jem questioning her about where she went and Isabel laughing at her childish answers. My head was stuck in the clouds thinking of Calum, and now i'll never see him again. Yes, I admit that makes me very sad.

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