Just a little Geeky

Four boys all sharing the same dream meet four very different girls. When Ashton meets his dream girl will he be able to help her through? Will Calum break through her high walls? Will Luke manage to keep time aside and will Michael find any sparks?


6. The Hard Rock Hotel

 *Emily's Perspective*

      "Wow..." was the only audible phrase that came out as we stood outside the hotel staring at intensely it in fear of it disappearing. By the time we had got to the hotel it was dark, but the building was lit up by purple and pink lights dancing up the walls. After what seemed like at least a few years Isabel shook us to our senses "We should probably go in." Laughing, we start walking towards the doors before being shocked again by the perfectness of it. The lobby is  long and white covered in weird shaped sofas and sculptures with lampshades over their heads, the lady at the desk calls us over to check in.

           "Hi, how can I help?" she asks us smiling whilst we begin to panic.

           "We kind of don't have a room, but we probably need to get one right?" I stutter out, this is going to cost me a lot.

           "Yep, can I take a name and which room you would like?" We look over the 8 choices and settled on the 7th best one, not so secretly longing for the best one.

          "We'll have that one and Taylor" 

          "Emily Taylor?" 

          "Yeah how did you know?" 

          " Your rooms have already been paid for we'll have someone to take you to your rooms I take it you'll want to change as soon as" We glance down at our clothing and realize we're still in our costumes and with one final goodbye we were lead to our room. 

          Standing outside room 27 on the top floor we argue over who would open the door before Hattie snatches the card and swiped the door open. We're greeted by the biggest room I have ever seen with white floors and white walls with a purple giant circular sofa in the middle right next to a private bar with a plasma t.v over the top. There's also a kitchen stocked with food essentials and an inside Jacuzzi in front of a wall length window overlooking the sunset at sea. Jem walked over to the bar and read out the note "Your butler service has been cancelled by the payer, please let us know if you would like to change your mind."

       "Damn I was really hoping for a hot butler, a bit like someone I met today," Hattie answered whilst falling back onto the sofa soon followed by the rest of us. 

      "Spill..." Isabel drawed out 

      "There's really not much to say, but he was perfect and we were both looking for people in the crows so obviously we're meant to me. Oh and his name was Calum and he was Australian, like Calum Hood, imagine that." I couldn't help it anymore as I burst out laughing unsure on whether to tell her or keep it as a secret I picked the second one.

     "Maybe it was I'm pretty sure I met Luke Hemmings, he was sitting in front of me I dropped my phone on him and wait I even have his number can we call him?" I grabbed the phone out her hand shaking my head.

    " Maybe later but not now it probably wasn't him anyway."

    " I think it was, Michael gave me his popcorn earlier" Isabel chimed in. They were making it so hard to keep it a secret, but they were all pretty doubtful that they had met them so I think I have them convinced. That's when the conversations turned to me.

    "Actually , where did you disappear to earlier?"
    "Yeah, where's the rose from?"

    " And who payed for the room?"

    Luckily, before I had a chance to answer any of their questions the door swung open and 4 familiar boys walked in.

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