Just a little Geeky

Four boys all sharing the same dream meet four very different girls. When Ashton meets his dream girl will he be able to help her through? Will Calum break through her high walls? Will Luke manage to keep time aside and will Michael find any sparks?


4. Half of Chocolate

*Jem's Perspective*

            Ugh, they were supposed to start 10 minutes ago why are they so late? I was looking forward to seeing Chris Hemsworth, but right now my eyes were trained on the guy in front. I could only see the back of his head, perfectly blond with a quiff gorgeously sculpted. He was there with 3 of his friends, someone in a Captain America costume, someone with brightly coloured hair and god knows who the other one was, but his head was covered as well. Damn comic con and their lack of peoples faces. Whenever he spoke to one of them I died a little bit because of that accent, Australian. 

          I didn't want to say anything to him knowing full well that all the attention would be changed to me and him and I would never hear the last of it, whatever the outcome. But when Isabel ran off to get popcorn and Emily and Hattie were deep in an argument about Iron man vs Captain America I dropped my phone down onto the seat in front. I heard him chuckle under his breath. As he turned around I held in my breath.

         "Which one's yours?" I burst out into a giant laugh as he held up my phone with its chocolate wrapper themed case and an identical chocolate bar. 

         "I wouldn't mind bo...." my brain slowly processing what was going on "holy crap you're Luke Hemmings." He winked at me and tugged on his lip ring with his teeth. He handed me over my phone and broke the chocolate in half handing me the bit with the wrapper after searching round in his bag. Seconds after, the lights dimmed down, announcing that they were about to start and everyone fell under a blanket of silence. I ate my way through the chocolate when I saw numbers scrolled across the inside of the packet with the words 'I never caught your name.' If I wasn't already sitting down I would be down as my legs began to shake he kept turning back now to look at me, sometimes I pretended I didn't see him, but when I did he'd smile or wink or pull some strange face which took all my strength not to laugh as the cast began to walk on-stage

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