Just a little Geeky

Four boys all sharing the same dream meet four very different girls. When Ashton meets his dream girl will he be able to help her through? Will Calum break through her high walls? Will Luke manage to keep time aside and will Michael find any sparks?


3. Free Popcorn

*Isabel's perspective*

             I'm actually really looking forward, for what's about to happen. We're in the same room as the Age of Ultron cast and I am actually really excited, because let's face it Chris Evans is cute as hell. Emily next to me looks like she's about to pass out and Jem and Hattie have got huge grins on their faces and talking in rapid chatter. "How long have we got before it starts?" I whispered to Emily

             "About 15 minutes, why?" I sprinted off before I had a chance to answer, I needed some popcorn, sweet not salty. Only problem is I have no idea where to get some. I saw someone walking past carrying two giant boxes of popcorn, obviously they knew where it was.

             "Hi, sorry where did you get the popcorn from?" 

            "It's a little while back, you want let me guess, sweet?" I nodded with a small laugh "Well then it's your lucky day you can have these two" and pushed them into my hands. If it wasn't for his hands still on mine I would probably have dropped them.

            "Oh it's okay I can buy my own, I was just wondering where it was!" I tried to reason with him and tell him I was fine without them, but he wasn't giving in. 

            "Please just take them," he pleaded with giant puppy dog eyes, "I couldn't have you going hungry." 

            "Their not all for me, I'm here with people, so yeah," Oh pizza hut, I should just go now. Pizza hut's what we say when something goes wrong, used like shit but more family friendly.

            "Well hopefully I'll see you around because, let me guess, you're going to hall H,"  how he knew all this was creeping me out, but he seemed reluctant to leave and that was adorable. After he left I rushed back to my seat in-between Emily and Jem and was deep in though when I blurted out.

            "Holy pizza hut, was that just Michael Clifford!" Hattie perked up, but calmed down again when I told her it wasn't, trying to convince myself as well. I glanced over at Emily who was staring at me with an expressionless stare I was getting kinda scared when she winked at me and smiled innocently. Did she know something? 



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