Just a little Geeky

Four boys all sharing the same dream meet four very different girls. When Ashton meets his dream girl will he be able to help her through? Will Calum break through her high walls? Will Luke manage to keep time aside and will Michael find any sparks?


5. A Red Rose

*Emily's Perspective*

              Oh gosh, oh gosh, oh gosh they're about to come on. Don't stop till you get enough by Michael Jackson starts blaring through the sound system as my heart begins to race. Robert Downey Jr walks onto the stage first, he pulls out a tiny black case and takes out two handfuls of red roses. I see them disperse into the crowd in all directions. Desperately I search for one, but they've all been taken and I doubt anyone is giving them up. My disappointment quickly fades as Jeremy Renner is called up quickly followed by Mark Rufalo both joining Robert and talking an adorable huddle. Cheers deafen the crowd as the australian god effortlessly jogs on. The people in front of us are going crazy and shouting something to do with Australia, country strong I guess. Next are the members of S.H.I.E.L.D Cobie Smulders and Samuel L. Jackson, Clark Gregg isn't with them, but I guess the avengers don't know he's alive, but still it upsets me a little. Finally the person I've been waiting for shyly walks onto the stage and luckily steers clear of all left moobs, Chris Evans. I cheer until I know my voice can't take anymore before collapsing into my chair and watching my wildest dreams come true in front of my eyes.

              Walking out of Hall H my legs have turned to jelly and I hold onto the 3 of them determined to not collapse with excitement.That is until a pair of strong arms lifts me off the ground and I get thrown over their back. At first I freak out petrified at this stranger taking me away, until I hear this thick Australian accent and I relax into Ashton as I now know.

             "Emily!" Jem, Isabel and Hattie all call after me. I shoot them a smile before being run round a corner. He places me down when we get to a secluded area and takes off his mask yet again. 

            "Are you leaving now?" He asks me with a sad face and giant eyes, I nod in response copying his sad face. Strangely a grin takes over.

            "Round the corner there's a hotel called 'The Hard Rock Hotel' it's super adorable and I know you'll love it. We're all staying there would you um maybe like want to um come as well?" He looks so nervous, but relieved when I reply.

           "I'd love nothing more, can the others come, there's four of us?" After a few minutes of preparing what we are going to do it's time for us to go separate ways until meeting in an hour. As I turn around to leave he grabs my hand and spins me back towards him he stares into my eyes whilst handing me a single red rose. 

          "I caught one, I want you to have, to always remember today," I give him a shy smile and walk away before I start crying at his gesture, plus you know I now have a part of Robert Downey Jr. 

         "You okay?" Isabel enquires with a questioning look on her face.

        "Yeah, I've got some pretty big news to tell you guys, just don't freak out."

        "Me too," the three off them chime out in sync. We were debating who's was the biggest news each claiming ours was the best, before hearing any off them. I mean though it's not like any of them met a member of 5 seconds of summer.

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