From the Heart: Book of Poems

This will become a series of original poems that I make. It might have meaningful quotes and things in it.


2. Poem 2


Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve


Two red beating hearts

Full of life; full of emotions.

Hearts with a meaning 

A purpose in this life

These hearts full of emotions

Full of mysteries.


A girl had this heart.

A small fragile girl

Used to white walls

A dripping liquids.

With the fight still in her.

A fight so strong

It gives others hope.


A big smile

A small beat

A giant hug

A small beat

A colorful voice

A small beat

A light to dark

A small beat


A boy has this heart

A loud strong boy

Used to bullies

Even those who love him

A small voice 

A painful life

But as healthy as ever


This is a fighting heart

This is a girl never giving up

This is a boy losing hope

This is for the sick

This is for the weak

This is for the strong

And this is for the healthy

A fighting heart

A giant hug

A voice to comfort 

That's always there.


One life 

One hope

One broken 

One lost

Wear your heart on your sleeve

Stand up and shout

Even if you have

A small beat.

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