Lucky (CH & AI : Fanfic)

(Luciana) Lucky's sister, Luna wins Derpcon. Lucky Meets Calum in a heated up elevator scene, and they both fall in love. But they are not alone. Ashton can't deny the chemistry between Lucky and him.
A war will rise, and Luciana is caught right in the middle of it...
Will her luck turn south??


9. Sickness

Sickness Cp. 9

Room 817.

It was like 7 am when my mother woke me up. I was barely awake when she started talking to me. I managed to fully open both eyes. My mother looked at me with eyes that pierced right into my guilt. Does she know what happened between me and Calum last night? It was the first thought that hit my mind in the morning. What a 'great' way to start a already horrible day. My mother was yelling at me. I did not know why, so with almost a question mark across my face I sat up in the bed and looked at her.

"What" I yawned and stretched out.

"Lucy Lilavati! Get yourself up from that bed, get dressed and help your sister!" She yelled and pointed to the bathroom where my sister was sitting on both her knees and puking all over the toilet.

I looked repelled which I was. It was quite disgusting.

I lifted myself off the bed, put a robe around myself. Hipsters and an oversized tee wasn't exactly the most warming clothing in the morning. I walked past my mother and into the bathroom and held Luna's hair away from  her face.

Getting puke on your hair is the worst thing ever. Trust me. Here is an advice I hope you take to your grave. Whenever you're at a party either bring a hair elastic or a good friend to keep your hair separeted from your vomit. Its just gross.

My sister tried to say something to me, but the last food in her stomach just wanted to get up. Luna kept puking and her coughs were terrible.

My mother walked around the room getting paper and towels. Im pretty sure I saw her put toothpaste on Luna's toothbrush. Like Luna can't do anything herself.

When she finally stopped trowing up her inner organs I let go of her hair and immediately washed my hands. I'm pretty sure she puked on her own hair before I got there. Now she could finally say what she wanted to.   

"I dont need your help." She snapped at me. My mother rushed Luna to rescue her from falling to the floor of dehydration and starvation. My mother fed her with those expensive snickers from the mini bar and water from the mini fridge.

With my sister being sick and my mothers need to help her I had hopefully a whole day by myself that I intended to spent at the beach.

I wore purple flip-flops with a pink dip dye and a baby blue Abercrombie & Fitch dress with dark blue and purple print. Beneath it I wore a multi colored snake-ish bikini. I packed my bag with my canon, an old 'Vogue' magazine, a towel and my phone. Before leaving I put my hair in a messy knot and covered my eyes with my black shades.


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