Lucky (CH & AI : Fanfic)

(Luciana) Lucky's sister, Luna wins Derpcon. Lucky Meets Calum in a heated up elevator scene, and they both fall in love. But they are not alone. Ashton can't deny the chemistry between Lucky and him.
A war will rise, and Luciana is caught right in the middle of it...
Will her luck turn south??


4. Repudiate

Repudiate Cp. 4

Room 817.

It was afternoon and it was already less than 4 hours since I arrived at the hotel. We were leaving for the concert in less than 30 minutes. I've already chosen what to wear: Skinny blue jeans, and a white loose top with an open back. My bra was blue like my eyes and jeans. My long black hair I curled with my sisters curlingwand. They were wavy and helped me cover my back. Which was good since im very insecure about the whole open top thing. I was ready. But of course my sister wasn't. She had been running around the entire hotel room that consisted of three bedrooms, two bathrooms and one living room.

We left in the last minute and my sisters outfit was her usual rippped skinny jeans, flannel and... well you know the drill. The mirror in the elevator still had a stain of Calums hands from back when we kissed and I couldn't help but smiling. Of course my sister saw me. There is nothing more wierd than me smiling because I hardly do it.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" My sister said in her bitchy voice. Her nose wrinkled as she looked at me.

"Nothings wrong with me. Only the fact that im so unfortunate to share my face with you." I said and smirked.

"Stop it!" My mum groaned.

I shut my mouth. But I knew it wouldn't be for long. As soon as we reach Forum and the thousand of 5sos fans were outside I couldn't help but saying "Shit.." with a low voice of course. I must admit I dont usually curse.


Backstage of the concert.

5 Seconds of Summer had not arrived backstage yet. I felt like I weren't going to miss anything so I went to the toilet. I was gone for 10 minutes because I got lost and as soon I got back.. They were there, all four of them. Three of them looked confused but at the same time they were laughing and hitting eachothers arms. Im sure one of them even hold out a camera. But what were he filming? Isn't that Calum kissing... me. He couldn't be kissing me, unless I was having some sort of out of body experience. It wasn't me. It was Luna. I walked closer, my mum was no where to be seen.

Two of the guys saw me and both looked confused. Im sure I heard them whisper Calum. I defintely saw them hit him on his back. The one with the camera was still filming. I was now less than a metre away from them. They were still making out, until Ashton hit him hard on the shoulder. Calum turned his head away from the kissing and looked at Ashton.

"What!? Im kind of busy Ashton" He said with his lips covered in my sister pink lipgloss. gross. Ashton didn't answer him, he just nodded my way. Calum looked confused and turned to look at me. So did my sister.

"What the..." Calum looked more confused than the other guys. He took a step back to look at the situation. aka. me and my sister. My sister was crying, but she was still smiling so I guessed it was happy tears. She reacted the same way when she won Derpcon. Now that she have been mouth-to-mouth raped by the guy she likes the most on earth. Im just guessing but she was probably happy, very happy.

"So you just walk around kissing everyone, huh?" I looked at him with my left hand on my hip and both my eyebrows raised.

"I swear to you, I thought she was you." He made his eyes bigger and his cheeks looked softer than my pillow.

"Her eyes are deep brown.. Mine are blue." I said trying to keep it calm.

"I know! I too thought it was wierd when I saw her eyes, but since I didn't know you had a twinsister I just thought you may have worn contacts. You never told me you had a twinsister, you didn't even tell me your name!" His voice were hightened.

"Yeah maybe because talking weren't what we did the most" I too hightened my voice.

"Maybe it should have been, because  I couldn't find you anywhere!"

"Maybe I didn't want to be found, Calum" I lowered my voice turned around and left. My sister didn't follow me. Should I expect for her to follow. She is a fan of them so it is understandable that she wants to be with them but still. Im her sister and I clearly need her right now. Someone was following me it wasn't Luna it was someone bigger. I didn't want to turn around so I just kept walking. I reached the hallway and got into the first room I saw. It was nothing more than a room filled with costumes. I took out my phone and pretended to be texting someone important so my 'stalker' could see I was busy.

The door opened it wasnt Calum. It wasnt Luna and it wasnt my mother.

It was Ashton.


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