Lucky (CH & AI : Fanfic)

(Luciana) Lucky's sister, Luna wins Derpcon. Lucky Meets Calum in a heated up elevator scene, and they both fall in love. But they are not alone. Ashton can't deny the chemistry between Lucky and him.
A war will rise, and Luciana is caught right in the middle of it...
Will her luck turn south??


26. Prom

Prom Cp. 26

I took Jamal by the arm, as we stepped into the gym.


There were balloons everywhere, amongst decorations of the night sky.

The theme for the dance was 'Under the Stars'. How original.


The alcohol still hadn't reached my entire body yet. 

I was only just a bit dizzy.

Me and Jamal found our seat next to his friends. They were all dressed in suits. 

None of their butterflies or ties were tied. They just hang loose around their necks.

The hair of his friends were all creasy from cheap hair creams.


Jamal started talking to them, and I ended up sitting on my chair with both arms crossed.

They were drinking from their engraved hip flasks.


I yawned, and looked around the hall. 

So many beautiful dresses, in so many different variations.

Some were short, some were long. Some were black and white, others were rainbow colored. 

But I did notice one spectacular red dress, but only because I had seen it before; on Alayna.


Quickly I got up from my seat, and walked as fast as I could to her.

She looked surprised when she saw me in my new dress.


"Omg, Lucky! Heeeey, I love it!" She continued with her high pitched blah blah talk.

I just nodded said thanks, smiled and complimented her.

Nothing could possibly go wrong with that plan.


While having a conversation with her, an arm pulled me away.

It was Jamal's I barely got to say 'See you later, Alayna' before he pulled me away and onto the dance floor.


He couldn't dance, and he had to find supports against me, to keep just a little balance.


Jamal had drunk wayyy to much.

The teachers were watching over us, and if he didn't lay off with the swaying they were going to notice.

I didn't mind him getting into trouble, but if they knew he came with me.

They would suspect me too, and might even call my parents.


"We need to get you outside," I sighed, and took him by the arm, as I lead him outside.


I let go of him, and he fell down on the bench.


It was just outside of the hall, in a courtyard. 

It was empty besides us, and the cold breeze made me shiver. 

The night was dark, you couldn't see the stars for all the light coming from the city.

Which was pretty sad, but luckily I was still able to see the moon.

I looked at it, as I waited for Jamal to become just a bit more sober,

and he did.

He got up from the bench, and swung an arm around my shoulder.

He stared at me, or tried he was still to drunk to focus.

I leaned my head back a bit, and narrowed my eyes at him.

He was leaning in, closing his eyes and pouting his lips.

Jamal was reaching in for a kiss, and I was leaning away from it.


"Ugh! Dont!" I swung his arm off me, and stepped back a bit.

He tip toed a few times before finding some balance again.


He had a crooked smile, on his face as he neared me again.


His hand got a firm grip upon my wrist.


I bit my tongue, so I wouldn't say ouch, and seem vulnerable.


But it was really starting to hurt.


"You need to show me some respect," He said with a raised voice, "I'm gonna try this again, and you're gonna do it!" 


He grabbed my other wrist, and quickly pulled me closer.


His face was close to mine, as he again tried to kiss me.

It was uncomfortable, and my eyes looked at him like rays with disgust.


"Stop it, Jamal!" He didn't pull away. 


He only tightened his grip upon me.


"Stop it! LET ME GO!" I yelled. I twisted my hands, and tried to step away from him.

And I finally got loose, and ran 10 feet backwards.


"WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!?    I'm not not do anything that you tell me to! I'm not you're property!" I yelled at him, with wrist close to my body. 


"But you are my property!" His voice was calm, and his smolder made me wanna slap him. 


I just looked at him, not even bothering to try, and talk some common sense into his messed up mind.


"What? You didn't know!" He started laughing hysterically. 


My eyebrows raised, and I got a bit curious.


"Didn't know what?!" I yell at him.


"That we're engaged. Our families have had it arranged since we were 5 years old." He said it clearly just to make sure I would hear.


I froze, an emotionless expression swept over my face. Right before my heart felt ten times heavier, and I could barely hold it inside of my body.

It was pounding, and hammering against my rips.

"You're lying.. My parents would never do that." My voice cracked, and I felt the water creep out of my eyes.

My visions went blurry, but I could still see Jamal's smirk.


"But they did!" He smiled.


I ran away from him, as fast as I could. Not just him. But from everything.


I was gasping for air, my throat had swollen. 


The tears came running down my cheeks, and made it impossible to see anything.


But I made it to the empty parking lot, before my body collapsed on the hard, cold ground.


And the thought from my ringing head came as I realized my dark future with a man I could never love.


The tears from my eyes was incontrollable. 


I was still gulping for air.


My body laid paralyzed on the floor from the pain.


I started to hit the hard pavement to mislead the heavy pain from my chest. 



My knuckles went red, and it was actually helping.


I gathered enough strength to sit up, and lean against a car.


I looked up at the sky as I just started whispering 'I hate you, I hate you'.

I don't know who it was for. 

It just needed to get out there.


The sobbing came back.

I buried my head against knees, and in the fabric of the dress for a moment, to catch my breath again.


I slammed my head back into the car door to rest. 

It set off the alarm which was the last thing I needed. 

It ringed in my head.

I held my hands close to my ears.


"Shut up. Shut up. Shut up. JUST SHUT UP! Please! Please, just stop!" I shrieked anxiously at the car.


The noise became unbearable louder.


I got up, and started running away from the school. 

I made it to the park as my left heel broke off, and I fell.


I laid in the middle of the path looking up.


From theRE I could see the entire sky, nothing was covered by big buildings.

And I finally felt free.

I wish there were away that I could show my parents that I was free.

That they didn't own me.


I knew just the place to go too.


Hotel Hilton, Room 814

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