Lucky (CH & AI : Fanfic)

(Luciana) Lucky's sister, Luna wins Derpcon. Lucky Meets Calum in a heated up elevator scene, and they both fall in love. But they are not alone. Ashton can't deny the chemistry between Lucky and him.
A war will rise, and Luciana is caught right in the middle of it...
Will her luck turn south??


17. Passion

Passion Cp. 17

The door opened and in stepped Calum. He smiled at us and nodded towards Ashton, who got up and shifted places with Calum. Calum leaned in, and kissed me on the forehead. Ashton announced that he would be going to bed, right before leaving.

"Hey, Sleeping Beauty" He said with tenderness in his voice.

"Hello, My prince" I chuckled and grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him closer to kiss him. He landed on top of me, I moved my hands to the end of his shirt, and pulled it over his head. 

I unzipped my dress in the side, and about to slip out of it as Calum starts talking, 

"What are you doing, Lucky" He said with a smirk. I lifted my head. My lips were touching the edge of his ear. 

"I'm telling you Victoria's Secret" I whispered, and threw my dress the same direction as the rest of my clothes. His lips parted mine, and softly let his tongue slid through.

I turned us around so I would end on top. The warmth coming from both our bodies made it hot in here, and I put myself on a mission to take off all our clothes. 

I was moving away from his lips to slide down his body. Gently, I nibbled his stomach while going down. I unzipped his pants, and took them off with the help of his. 

Calum changed the position so he were on top. Our lips met with tenderness. He gently bit my underlip. My hands ran through his hair. 

The hands of his, ran over my skin and onto my back lifting me a few inches of the bed as he with no problem unlocked my bra. After a few more movements both of us were naked. The silky blanket from the bed lay on top of us so we couldn't see everything. Only each others lips, lips that we kept kissing more and more passionately every time. 

All of the lights in the room were turned off except for a small one on a table. It was very dim and matched the tone coming from the lights out on the street. In the living room the view is the beach, but in the bedroom it's the skyscrapers.

It was all so perfect, and I hardly could imagine any better way of giving myself.

"Are you sure you want to do this" Calum whispered.

"Yes" I nodded at him. Calum was gentle and I appreciated that. A lot. 

He held my hand, and I squeezed his tight. 

I couldn't help but moan. My chest raised and lowered it self to the beat of my breathing. He was having a hard time catching his breath too. He swung over, and laid beside me. We looked at the ceiling for a while. The sounds of our lungs fighting for air filled the room. Our hands were still interlocked.

Our eyes closed at the same time. I laid close to him with my head on his chest. Calum hands ran through my hair, and gently massaged my scalp.




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