Lucky (CH & AI : Fanfic)

(Luciana) Lucky's sister, Luna wins Derpcon. Lucky Meets Calum in a heated up elevator scene, and they both fall in love. But they are not alone. Ashton can't deny the chemistry between Lucky and him.
A war will rise, and Luciana is caught right in the middle of it...
Will her luck turn south??


14. Nightfall

Nightfall Cp. 14

I gathered some courage before opening the door into my hotelroom. Slowly, and silently I walked into the room.

I almost didn't see anything before my mother was hugging me and holding me tight. Wasn't exactly what I was expecting, she usually scold at me, but then I saw why she didn't. Some guy from the hotelmannagement  was there. Which gave her a pretty good reason to put up an act. She pulled back slightly and shook the mans hand.

"Well, since everything seems to be just alright now I will be leaving. Do call me if you have anymore problems," He said before leaving. Please, stay. I tried to whisper to him telepathically, but he clearly didn't get the memo and continued out the door.

"LUCIANA LINNELL SHAMAL!!! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?," She screamed at me. My sister went into the bedroom she shares with me. My entire face went red, and I couldn't possibly look into my mothers eyes at the moment. 

"I HAVE BEEN WORRIED!! MORE THAN YOU CAN EVEN THINK OF!! YOU HAVE BEEN GONE FOR 8 HOURS!!", She continued like that and after a while I stopped listening. I went back to my room and started dressing up for the 'night out' Calum and the other guys had planned. 

I started out with putting on my clothes which is, a dark tight black dress, a denim jacket and my strapless bra with matching lacy hipster panties.

I putmy hair in a messy bun and started doing my make-up. I carefully drawed a classy black line above my eye, put on some mascara and a basic matte lipstick.

Just in time my phone started ringing and as expected it was Calum. 

"Hey, Lucky. Me and the guys are in the lobby. You coming?" He said and I replied with a nice and clear yes.


Before heading out I told my mother not to wait up. I didn't tell her where I was going though.


The guys were all watching me as I came walking to them. Especially Calum and Ashton for some weird reason. I felt a bit overdressed, they were all wearing the usual. Except for Ashton whom had chosen to wear a black blazer above an ACDC tank top.

I followed them out of the lobby and a limousine was waiting for us in the driveway. Calum held the door for us and we all had a quick laugh of it. He sat down next to me, and Ashton in front of me with Luke, and Michael next to each other. The lighting in the limousine was very dark, but I did see the champagne the second Michael found it. He pour it up in five flute glass'. I only drank one glass in the car, I did not know how far we were going and didn't want to get drunk before I even get there. But get where? I dont even know where we're going. I thought and now had a subject to talk about.

"Hey Calum, where are we headed?" I said with a smile of curiosity.

"Just some nightclub in Hollywood, we got a VIP zone." Luke answered for Calum.

"Aren't you supposed to be 21 for that?" I raised my eyebrows and asked the question for everyone to answer.

"Like Luke just said, We got a VIP zone" Michael said in a kind voice.

He had already had 3 drinks in the car before we got there. I were still on my number 1 as headed into the club.






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