Lucky (CH & AI : Fanfic)

(Luciana) Lucky's sister, Luna wins Derpcon. Lucky Meets Calum in a heated up elevator scene, and they both fall in love. But they are not alone. Ashton can't deny the chemistry between Lucky and him.
A war will rise, and Luciana is caught right in the middle of it...
Will her luck turn south??


8. Impeccable

Impeccable Cp. 8

In the hotel room.

I was still wearing the white top and skinny blue jeans and the same coloured bra. My sister was wearing her usual clothes and my mother was wearing her Saree and we were all ready to go. Exept for my mum, because she wasnt invited for the derpcon dinner. It was only me and my sister. Awkward. We did not talk on our way down to the dinner room left of the lobby. Not even when we arrived. There were place cards on the tables and I was placed right in front of Calum. I bet he had nothing to do with that.

My sister was placed less than five seats away from Michael and that was the nearest she got to any of the boys.

The room was already filled. Calum and the others had taken place so I only found it fit so sit down too.

Calum looked at me and so did a lot of the other people around the table. I dont know if it was because they recognised me from the concert or because I were the only one wearing basic clothing.

"Aren't you the one from the concert?" A girl with a VERY french accent asked me.

"No she isn't." Calum said and smirked at me.

"No im not." I said and did a half smile back at Calum.

A lot of the girls were asking Calum questions and taking pictures of him. I think I were the only one to actually eat the food.

"So where are you from?" The french girl next to me asked.

"Well.. Both of my parents are indian but I have lived in the UK since I was born and it was the UK derpcon that my sister won." I answered not really looking at her.

"Okay, I won th-"

"The French Derpcon" I cut her off and finished the sentence for her.

"Is it that easy to hear." She said and drinked some of her soda. Like if she was under a lot of pressure.

"No. Im just good with the accents" I said and lied because I felt kind of sorry for her. I looked back at Calum who was still staring at me. I smiled and bit my underlip looking at him. His eyes went from mine to my mouth. I suddenly felt a foot against my leg slowly sliding up and down my tibias.

'Is that you' I mimed at him. He nodded and I smiled. I got up from the chair and stood there for a moment before slowly starting moving towards the exit. I could hear him following me and saying to the clingy girls around the table that he was going to the 'toilet'.

I turned to the left and went down a long hallway. I looked at a wooden door where the words 'PRIVATE' was written with capslock. I looked back and I saw Calum. He smiled at me right before I went in there. It was a office with a desk, a sofa and a big bookcase.

The door was opened and Calum entered. I leaned against the desk and he locked the door after him.

He smiled at me and I smiled back.

"Kiss me" I ordered.

"You dont need to say that twice" He added and took two quick steps toward me. He placed his hands on my cheek and tilted my head to the left. Both of our heads were now tilted to prevent our noses from crushing each other.

I closed my eyes and started out with a slow little kiss with absoloutely no gap in my mouth. Our lips met once for a few seconds and I draw mine back a little almost touching him again. I let the passion hang in the air for a while.

I opened my mouth slightly up as our lips met again. He pressed his body closer to mine. I put my hands around h is back holding a good grip of his shirt.

He pressed me against the desk and swung my legs around his hips. The desk carried most of my weight. With our chests close to each other I could feel his strong heart beat against mine.

I gently bit his under lip, and placed my hand on the back of his head holding us closer. He slid his hand along my neck and down to my hip were he got hold of the edge of my shirt. He pulled it over my head and I was left wearing only the blue bra on my torso.

I wrapped my arms around him again. I could feel his hands run through my hair and caress my back. With my hands I mannaged to get his shirt off too.

I slowly pulled my lips apart from his and rested my head against his forehead to breath in some air. I looked at his body and the perfect abs that filled his stomach.

The two seconds breake was over and I tightened the grip that my legs had aorund his hips. I swung my arms around his neck.

He placed both of his hands under me and lifted me up. He took a small step to the bookshelf. Calum pressed my back against it. I knocked down a few books and smiled. Which clearly made him laugh. But it was only a small one because I quickly shut him up with an intense french kiss.

Our lips touched each other again, but he pulled them apart. The warmth comming form Calums lips I could feel traveling to my chin and down my neck. I looked up and made a silent moan.

He kissed my collarbones and lay me down on the covered with carpet floor. He was on top lifting most of his body weight with his too arms and his knees right next to me.

I had to lift my head to give him another kiss. Calum saw my struggle and put his left hand under my head. But it didnt stop there. It drove further down my back. He unlocked my bra and even helped me get it off my arms. How nice of him. He collided on top of my half naked body, and my breath gave up as the full body weight of a Calum Hood was placed on little me.

"Sorry" He whispered with his very australian accent.

"Its okay, now I have an excuse to be on top" I whispered back with a small smirk.

I swung us over with his help i ended on him. I leaned down and and pressed my chest against his so he didn't have to look at my breast. Not that I think they are small I guess they are a medium maybe even above but because it was getting cold. But as soon I was embraced by his muscular body I felt the warm affect me.

I were about to take off our pants and move on to next level. Someone pulled in the doorhandle, luckily the door was locked. Calum and I stiffened.

"Shit.." I whispered I quickly put on my bra and gathered the rest of our clothes.

My eyes saw the window and quickly saw the opportunity. The window was covered by blinds but we were on the ground floor. But there were no time for now.

"This door isn't supposed to locked" Said the american man outside the door.

Both Calum and I heard his keys being pulled out of his pocket and inserted to the keyhole. We quickly hid under the desk. It was hot under the wooden table. I was already sweating for the rough make out with Calum but getting busted would literally make my life a living hell and I am not ready to go through that sauna.

The man entered the room. I was unable to see him. Because the fornt of the desk were covered with a wooden plate from floor to surface. But I guessed that he was looking around his almost trashed office from when we knocked down the books.

"I should get the security.." H emumbled to himself. He walked out the door and closed it behind him. Calum and I quickly got up. I removed the curtain from the window I looked at Calum.

"Ladies first" He said and made a gently hand move towards the window. I crawled out of it and landed in a bush 4 feet under the window. It was dark outside and actually a bit cold. Shirtless Calum fell out and ended up next to me. We looked at each other and bursted out laughing.

"Shit" We both said followed by a chuckle and another laugh. We both took on our shirts and he helped me up from the bush.

"I get why you're named Lucky" He said and smiled. Calums hand neared my hair and pulled a leaf followed by another. He caressed my cheek and looked at me.

We walked back into the derpcon dinner and the room was empty. I looked at him and smiled.

"All your fans think you have diarrhea now" I laughed, and he looked at me with a big smile on his face.

"Thats not funny" He said and tried to look offended but end up smiling.

"It kinda is" I said and looked up at him. He just kept smiling and gave me a kiss on the forehead. He hugged me goodnight and followed me to the elevator where we may have made out again.....

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