Lucky (CH & AI : Fanfic)

(Luciana) Lucky's sister, Luna wins Derpcon. Lucky Meets Calum in a heated up elevator scene, and they both fall in love. But they are not alone. Ashton can't deny the chemistry between Lucky and him.
A war will rise, and Luciana is caught right in the middle of it...
Will her luck turn south??


10. Delightful

Delightful Cp. 10

At the beach.

I had found myself laying on a sun bed, 10 feet from the water. My face was being heated up by the sun and I could feel my whole body boil. In a good way of course. I laid with a hand in the warm sand. I played with it and let it slip trough my fingers overtime I grabbed a new handful. My eyes was closed, even when I was wearing sun glasses the California sun was still too big. But somehow someone covered it, and cast a shadow upon me.

"Can I borrow some sunscreen?" A very familiar Australian baby voice asked me.

"I dont have any" I answered Calum. I pushed my sunglasses up to my forehead and looked at him.

"Thats not good. You'll get sunburn." He said with a calm voice and a smile on his face.

"Calum.. Im indian" I said and kept staring at him.

"You're indian? I thought you were british. You have a really thick accent." He said and looked confused.

"Both of my parents are from India. But I myself was born in the UK" I said and smiled at him.

"You are complicated..." He smiled back.

"What are you" I asked.

"Im a Calum Hood." He laughed and sat at the edge of my sun bed by my feet.

"Shut up and answer me you fool" I laughed and playfully pushed him off my sun bed with my left foot.

"Im Kiwi, Scottish and I live in Australia" He finally answered.

"And you said I am complicated" I complained. He chuckled followed by a smirk.

Calum laid on the sun bed next to me and started staring at me in a creepy cute way.

I put my sunglasses back on since there were no one left to cover for the sun.

"Shouldn't you be somewhere more hidden from your freakishly loud fangirls?" I said and kept gazing into the sea.

"They're all sick. Including the rest of the band. The cook messed up the dessert last night" He answered.

"I'm so glad I skipped the dessert" I mumbled.

"Me too" Calum added. He hadn't removed his stare from me yet so I decided to look back at him. I stared right into his brown puppy eyes that I adored so much. Every time my eyes met his, I could feel my love for him blossoming. You're crazy Lucky. You just met him. I thought to myself. I should have looked away and be the good girl my parents always wanted me to be. But im not. So I kept gazing into his eyes until I got completely lost in the  irresistible guy, Calum Hood.

I dont know how long I had been staring at him, but for long. I had fallen asleep. I moaned from the tapping sun-light against my face, wondered how long I'd been sleeping. The California sunlight bathed my skin and as I lay on my side. I yawned and looked at the now empty sun bed. Calum was no where to be seen. He left me sleeping in the sun. I lifted my head to look at the ocean. I could feel a gentle touch against my chin. I looked behind me, and there was the Calum I had been looking for. His body laid against mine. He was the big spoon and I the little. He smiled at me and reached in for kiss. I smiled and leaned in and looked into his eyes and slowly closed mine ready for a kiss. But then again. Am I really that easy? No. I pushed him off my sun bed and laughed.

"Ouch" Calum grunted. I rolled onto my stomach and looked over the edge of my bed and down at him.

"Shut it, you're laying on sand, you melodramatic fool" I chuckled and smiled at him.

"Well, less than a minute ago I was spooning with a flawless beautiful girl, and now im laying on sand thats literally burning my back." He made a 'fake' sad face.

"Lets even the pain then." I laughed and threw a handful of warm sand on his stomach. He yelled out and threw a handful of sand upon me.

"Calum!" I shrieked. I quickly got up and kicked to the sand and a lot of it hit Calum's head. The second I saw it I covered my smiling mouth, and the laugh I may have made.

"Im sorry!" I apologized and looked at him. His eyes were closed and he suddenly opened them and stared at me with his solid brown eyes.

"Oh, You're gonna pay for that!" He demanded and quickly got up and ran at me. As a reflex I turned around and ran towards the sea. He got to me first and suddenly he had me swung over his left shoulder. His hand hold me in place and I tried kicking him gently on the back. But it was for no use. He quickly ran out in the water, and every step of his became harder for the further he got out. It had just reached his hips and I yelled at him.

"Calum! Take me back! Please! Im still wearing my dress!" I pleased and laughed. He bent his knees like if he were about to jump, and thats when I realized he were.

"CALUM NO" I yelled with a short giggle before my body hit the freezing water. My head was underwater for about a second before I was back up again to hit Calum. And I did hit him. He laughed and splashed water at me to defend himself.

"God, I hate you" I chuckled.

"No you dont" He said and looked at me. First now I noticed he was shirtless. He must have taken it off while running after me. Which was fine by me because. Damn.

"Yes I do." I assured him. I couldn't help but smiling up at him. My eyes met his in an infinite moment and this time I was the one to lean forward and near the most kissable lips I've ever seen. His gentle touch met my neck, he had to bend his head to kiss me. I could feel the sun warming the left of my body and Calum warming every other part.

He wrapped his arms around my waist. And I placed my hands on his jaw and slid i to his chin that I pulled back a little allowing myself to separate our lips a bit and bite his underlip. I moved my lips from his to his cheek and kissed it one last time as I leaned my head back a little.

"Im not gonna go any further today" I whispered and rested my forehead against his.

"Why not.." He replied with a soft Australian accent.

I giggled and nodded towards the beach filled with people that had been watching us for a while. Not just watching but taking pictures of us.

"You are Calum Hood, remember." I said and turned away from them and looked towards the ocean. Calum sighed and put his right arm around my shoulder and hold me tight. I was shivering and I didn't know if it was because of the temperature or the feeling of people taking photos of my behind.

I looked back at the lots of people and back at Calum.

"Calum, can we go back inside?" I said with an almost wounded voice.

"Let me carry you!" He said and smiled. Well, that was random.. Something tells me I should get used to random.

I didn't say yes I kind of felt the need he had to carry me, so I just went along with it. This time he carried me like I was a bride about to enter the honeymoon suite. I felt kind of heavy, although It didn't look like I was for Calum. He carried me like I was weightless, I liked that.

I got my stuff and I we were both making the entire lobby wet. I felt kind of bad about it, because I could see the cleaning lady had just cleaned where we walked.

We got in the elevator and walked straight to Calum's room. I begged him not to leave me with my family. I could almost smell the puke from Luna stomach just thinking about it.

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