Lucky (CH & AI : Fanfic)

(Luciana) Lucky's sister, Luna wins Derpcon. Lucky Meets Calum in a heated up elevator scene, and they both fall in love. But they are not alone. Ashton can't deny the chemistry between Lucky and him.
A war will rise, and Luciana is caught right in the middle of it...
Will her luck turn south??


2. California

California Cp. 2


Outside the airport of LA.

There was no wind at all, the sun was up high and so was the heat. I immediately hated myself for wearing long jeans and a leather jacket. Luna was wearing a flannel skirt and a Nirvana T-shirt. Damn... I envied her style at that moment. My mum had a long flower-printed dress o

n, in foot length and white ballerina shoes on her feet.

A black Audi pulled over right in front of us. The windows rolled down and a driver wearing shades looked up at us.

"Are you 'Luna Linnell?" He asked with an absoloute emotionless face.

"Why is that question necesaary? Cant you read?" I asked with a voice that may have sounded... a bit bitchy.. I pointed at the sign my twinsister had been holding on to since we left England. It said with big lettters "LUNA LINNELL" and beneath there was a logo of the derpcon contest.

"LUCKY!" My mum snapped. "Behave." She said with a lower voice.

Luna just looked at me with her 'gonna kill you later' face on. We put our luggage in the trunk and we got in the car. Mum in the frontseat with the driver and me in the back with Luna. The car was very quiet so to break the silent with my sister I started talking about what she likes the most.. yes.. 5 Seconds of Stupidity.

"Soooo..... Who do you like the most" I looked at Luna and she raised an eyebrow before answering me.

"Who I like the most.. from 5sos?" She replied-ish.

"yea" I said.

"Gosh.. Thats like choosing between Stefan and Damon Salvatore its im-freaking-possible. But it would probably be Calum. Calum Thomas Hood." She said and looked away. Lunas face leaked of love. How? She never met them.

"That's the asian guy, right?"

"HE'S NOT ASIAN!!" Luna screamed at me. I looked chocked although I shouldn't be. Its just her way of behaving. My mum just ignored it, she usually does. Unless it comes from me of course.

The driver hit the breaks. First I thought it was because of Luna but it wasnt. We reached the hotel of my horror.

It felt like thousand doppelgängers of my sister was standing out there. They were all dresed in flannel, military boots, bandana, ripped jeans, and either t-shirts with the word "IDIOT" on or Nirvana.

My sister squealed like the girl she REALLY is. "I need to tweet this.. IMMEDIATELY" She said with the kind of joy that actually made me happy... only for a moment of course.

The driver didn't even get out of the car to open the trunk for us. I can't blame him for that the "fangirls" screamed when the car pulled over. For their dissapointment and my pleasure we weren't "5 Seconds of Stupidity." We walked straight to the lobby and my mum checked us in. Floor 8, room 817.

The hotel decorating and quality was outstanding. It was the people I had a problem with. I'd rather be at the hotel from "The Shining".


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