Sendo 2

After Yukon's failure to defeat Mizu, he was captured and taken away from the group as if that were their intention from the start. Yakima's disappointment in Renkai grows to hatred and soon, vengeful taunt. Now a untrustful Yakima must depend on two Ariosha to help him find and return his brother back to safety. Though their Sendo is on hold, this journey will prove a history-changing adventure to the norm of a concrete evil.


1. Prologue + A/N: What Remains.. (R)

     "Renkai." The voice fades away slightly into the distance."Renkai, Wake up!" The voice sounds as if its coming towards me slowly. As I opened my eyes slightly I saw the brink of daylight, the sky was a light purple which faded into orange then a light blue. It was beautiful for a moment I thought I was in heaven. I then looked to my side as Yakima stood over me, tears rolling down his face as he cried. My body was blooded and badly injured, I could barely move an inch off the ground without feeling my bones buckling under the pressure of which I have gotten hit. As I attempted to lay myself up on the side of the tree next to me I could see Skyia with her back towards me, looking at the city as the fire burned out.

"Y-" I cough a little blood as I try to get the word out. "Yukon.." I say in a struggling pain as I look at Yakima. I could see the expression on Yakima's face, something must have happened to Yukon. I know for a fact that he wouldn't just fall victim to anyone, the person he fought must have been strong. While I was fighting, I could notice his and one other person's energy going back and forth fiercely.

He must have been fighting as well as. 11"We need to find Yukon." Skyia says in a calm tone as she folds her arms firmly. I then looked at her, I couldn't see her face but  I could tell that she was serious.

"It was Rei.." I said bluntly, once I said those words Skyia looked back at me as she dropped her hands to her side. I had nothing else to say; those three words were all I needed to say.

"T-that's impossible, we both know that Rei is dead they is no possible way." I heard her trip over her words slightly, as her face showed a intense concerned towards the subject. My face was cut and bruised; my body was at its limit. I could no longer have the energy to go on. I started to black out as Skyia ended her sentence. I wanted to tell Yakima I was sorry for failing them, just from the looks on there faces they were let down and disappointed of the situation. All I could think about was my younger brother, Rei. 

I promised him I would be there for him and protect him from anything, and now I am doing the total opposite. How could I even show my face to him again, or even fight him for that matter? Maybe my father was right, I am a failure and a waste of the Ariosha blood.


     My eyes opened slowly as the sunlight from a broken window shined over my face. I hold my hand in front of my eyes to block the sunlight from blinding me. I guess I am in the old house back in the woods. I slowly then sat up along the side of the bed of which I was in. I had no clothes on my upper body instead, my chest was covered in what it looked liked to be old bandages, the wound on my cheek also was covered with the same material. As I attempt to stand in my weak state I feel the bones in my legs buckle a bit under my short black , It must have been a few days I have been knocked out.

I then slowly but surely make my way down the stairs, as I reach the end of the staircase I see Skyia standing against the wall of the kitchen and looking out the window, her outfit is different it had more of a dark tone. A all black flannel shirt tied upward to show a little bit of her stomach tattoo, her signature butterfly symbol. I walked up next to her leaning on a stable piece of the wall. "Skyia." 

"Your awake!" Skyia says in a surprising tone.

"I-" I get cut off as my sister says her words.

"Don't worry I know, our brother is alive." She says swiftly, I then looked down at the floor in sadness.

"It's my fault, if only I was there, Rei wouldn't turn out like this. I was two busy being selfish and meddling in my own wants. I say as a dark shade went over my face. Skyia Just looked at me she had known what I meant. She knew that I wasn't lying about what I said, she was there after all.

I was just a reckless child who wanted nothing more than to rule the Ariosha. I didn't care who got in my way I would have just cut them down, but not anymore. I just wish I would have been more wise as a child like Skyia was. She was the only one I looked up to, with her being the oldest and all. I then felt her warm hand grasp my shoulder gently, as I look up in shock I see Skyia smile at me slightly.

"Your a brat, you know that right? After all these years you still manage to be a pain in my ass." She said with a warm smirk."As I looked at Skyia I wonder how after all this she can still keep a smile on her face. I then hear a thump as Yakima runs through the door. I turned my head as a response, looking at him.

He seemed as though he changed, His hair was a little bit longer covering over his eyes in the slightest way. He looked like he had just gotten into a fight or something. The black shirt he had on looked really used and dull, as his blade was latched onto his back.

"Yakima, Where were you? I told you to wait for me." Skyia said with concern.Yakima just looks at us with a dark look and before he walked upstairs he muttered something. I can't blame him for being mad at me, It was my fault after all. I have failed everyone, it seems I can't do anything right."I walked up stairs, went to my room, and looked at my outfit that was placed on the old dresser.

I guess my clothes had been clean, from what I seen they looked brand new. I slowly put on my white short sleeved jacket that zipped over my bandages, grabbed Genesis, and placed in its case on my back. I felt good to be in some knew clothes. As I walked along the broken up hallway. I hear Yakima rattling something in Yukon's room, I approached him as he sat there on his brothers bed.

I had a depressed mood as I went talk to him."Yakima, Lets take a walk." I said in a mixture of a calm mood and a nervous one. He looked at me, one of his eyes being covered by his newly long hair.

"Sure." He stated shortly, as me and him exited the house, I thought of what I was going to say to him. He reminds me so much of Rei and I already know how he turned out. We than made it to the field of which me and Yukon had battled before. The wind softly hit my face as I talked to him. I seen the intense expression as I started to talked to him."Me and your brother split up when we went to Ioe. He heard bombs and I heard people screaming, we were under pressure and we acted so recklessly. There just wasn't any time to think" I explained.

"I shouldn't have trusted an Ariosha from the beginning.." Yakima says under his breath. "If it wasn't for you Yukon would be here right now." The moment I heard him say those words, my mood dropped even worse. I have been doing nothing right ever since I left the kingdom, maybe I should have stayed in my place. He then walked in front of me and turned around to face me, as he did his eyes shined of orange."You have been knocked out for two months Renkai...Maybe you should have stayed that way." He says as he looks at me.





Hello and thank you for reading the prologue! Below are just a couple of keys that you can refer to so the story isn't as confusing.

(R) = Renkai's Point of View

(YA) = Yakima's Point of View

(S) = Skyia's Point of View

**/*** = Scene Change or Flashback

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