Luke Hemmings and Me <3

1 guy found me, and it changed my life��
Luke Hemmings came to my school and found me, we fell in love from then on, the rest of the gang and my bestest friends fell in love too. It all started with a fake ID. ��


1. When We Met👫

Hey guys so everything from now on is Jem's POV until I say so❤️

I was looking out the window in my school when I saw a familiar face!


Then I realised wait it's muck up day, of course this was a prank but I thought I might check it out. I excused myself from my biology lesson and went and looked who it was. I saw him and I went up and said 'hey look who are you this is mean on me and all the other 5sos fans. I really thought it was you, Luke Hemmings :(' I sighed.

He replied 'woahhhh your Jem, @jemmymorris on Instagram' I replied 'yeah DUHHH but how do you know that. Wait that isn't a mask and this isn't a prank OMG ITS ACTUALLY YOU LUKE HEMMINGS OMG OMG OMG' I nearly fainted I was so excited!! I hardly pulled myself together when I thought of the other biggest fans of 5sos and so I said 'stay right here I've got a few people who would like to meet you too!' I rushed to my classroom where everyone but Hattie Emily and Isabel were concentrating at the board! I did our emergency signal and they got up and ran!

Okay, I stopped them just outside to where Luke was, 'I know you may faint butttt LUKE HEMMINGS IS OUTSIDE!!!'

'NO WAY!! IS ASH THERE??' Emily squealed

'OMG IS CAL THERE??' Hattie said jumping up and down

'THIS IS AMAZING, IS MIKEY THERE?? Isabel nearly fainted

'No buttttttt he said he knew me on Instagram so maybe he likes me... maybe even LIKE LIKES me. I was so excited I didn't know what to do so I ran towards Luke and he was standing there with the most gorgeous smile on his face, his lip ring glimmering in the sun. And that's when he ran up to me picked me up spun me round and said 'you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen!' And that's when Emily, Hattie and Isabel collapsed in squeals.

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