Luke Hemmings and Me <3

1 guy found me, and it changed my life��
Luke Hemmings came to my school and found me, we fell in love from then on, the rest of the gang and my bestest friends fell in love too. It all started with a fake ID. ��


6. The Unexpected Concert🎁🎉👻

As we reached the O2 arena (Luke's surprising venue) I stopped the car just in front 3 Ferraris and 1 Porsche each number plate had the name of the person e.g. Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin...

We all gawked at the sight not at the number plate, but at the 4 beautiful cars each a different kind, mine being a Porsche Emily's being a Ferrari, everyone's car being their dream car, but on each number plate it said:

Ash's Girl

Luke's Girl

Cal's Girl

Niall's Girl

And standing next to them was the 4 gorgeous boys Luke, Niall, Calum and Ashton.

I was the first one to scream!! I was overwhelmed. I ran up to Luke and kissed him, it was only meant to be on the cheek but he darted the other way and it turned out to be on the lips! OH MY GOD I JUST KISSED LUKE HEMMINGS!! It was my first kiss, okay okay I know I'm 17 and haven't had a first kiss yet but I was waiting for the perfect guy and it looks like I found him. I was basically freaking out, but as I am not an awkward lemon (like Hattie) I hugged him and stayed there a while. I looked round to see what Hattie, Isabel and Emily were doing and they were just standing there looking at me like I had just won the lottery. I said 'well what are you waiting for, go and thank your boys :)' winking at them. They rushed towards them thanking them and kissing them on the cheek, I guess they had all found their perfect someone too!!

'You haven't seen the best bit yet!!!!' Luke exclaimed. I didn't know anything could get better than that!!!!

My thought was that we would just have backstage passes or something but then again I was wrong. As we walked inside, each couple had their arms linked, and a rush of 5sos fans swarmed around us. I didn't take it in at first but then I felt being pushed aside from Luke. I was lost in the crowd. After 20 minutes of hunting for Luke I finally was reunited. He was laughing cheekily and I was pushing him gently saying that's so mean ;) Hattie and Cal came up to us and Hattie said 'what was all that about?'

'Crazy fans, I love them though, they made us where we are now!!' Cal replied, Luke agreed. Then Ash and Emily came up behind us, Ash with his phone out (he was filming us) commentating as well 'here we all are' he said, panning the camera round, close ups on all our faces 'and here is where the magic begins, all these beautiful girls don't know what's coming next!!' That's when the doors to the stage opened and thousands of screaming 5sos fans were right beneath us. We were on stage!!!

Ashton zoomed around the fans and stopped the camera- quickly posting it on Instagram, tagging all of us- OMG OMG OMG OMG WERE ACTUALLY ON STAGE!! All of my favourite people are here, my best friends and my boyfriend (can I say that yet?) and my favourite boyband!!

Luke turned away from the crowd and kissed me on the cheek and then spun back round 'everybody! There's someone really special I would like you to meet tonight- she is my girlfriend!!' Luke said pointing at me, I went the deepest shade of purple for about 5 minutes!! Then, it was Emily's turn to be introduced.

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