Luke Hemmings and Me <3

1 guy found me, and it changed my life��
Luke Hemmings came to my school and found me, we fell in love from then on, the rest of the gang and my bestest friends fell in love too. It all started with a fake ID. ��


5. The Big Surprise🎉🎊🎈

It took me hours to say goodbye to Luke, but in the end we settled it with a kiss on the cheek and massive grins on our faces.

Just before I left he said he had a surprise for me, Emily, Hattie and Isabel. He wanted us to come here in a day and he would show us. I didn't really know what to say, but I was happy so I left blushing and giggling. My house is walking distance from Luke's so maybe he could walk me home after school, maybe I'm getting too worked up, maybe he only likes me as a friend but just a really good friend. I tried to tell that to myself but I knew it wasn't true. I liked him more than that, I really liked him, and maybe this surprise will show me that he likes me in the same way.

As I got home I started a group chat on Instagram with: Hattie Emily and Isabel. I asked them what was going on and had they been invited to 'the big surprise' they all said yes and so I asked them if they wanted I come round for dinner so we could get ready together. Thank god they said yes or I wouldn't know what to do.

It was 3pm and I got a text from Luke, how did he have my number?? He's a multi millionaire so I guess it could be hard to find.

Luke: hey Jem. Cal, Niall and Ash have texted the others but do you wanna come over at 9pm for the surprise?? xxx

Jem: Ahh I've been waiting for this text, of course :) I can't wait!!! It's gonna be so much fun!! xxx💘

Luke: oh great see ya there!! xxx

I screamed so loud Luke probably heard it :) ahh it's so exiting!! I hadn't got ready yet so I went into the shower washed my hair with my most amazing smelling shampoo and the softest conditioner, once I had dried it I decide to curl it at the end for a more effective look. Then it was time to choose my outfit.

8:30pm and I was all ready, my black ripped skinny jeans and my white tank top with a leather jacket over the top was the perfect outfit! I got into my Audi TT and drove all the way to Emily's house where I knew Hattie and Isabel would be as well. I saw them waving at the window of Emily's house. They all looked stunning each outfit had a shine of something different!! I probably looked like a tramp compared to them!! As Emily opened the door we were all screaming and we let the excitement take over us, it was 8:45pm and it was 15 minutes till we found out what this 'surprise' was all about.

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