Luke Hemmings and Me <3

1 guy found me, and it changed my life��
Luke Hemmings came to my school and found me, we fell in love from then on, the rest of the gang and my bestest friends fell in love too. It all started with a fake ID. ��


3. Meeting the Gang🙈🙉

So after Luke stayed at mine I persuaded him to go and speak to the rest of the gang, 5sos. Before that though, I sat him down and told him to explain:

'Okay, so I made this new account on Instagram, and please don't feel weird about this but I started looking at you feed, after you excepted my request, and I fell in love with you as soon as I saw your post. Your so beautiful it's unbelievable!' I was sooo flattered I mean I was as red as a rose! He must of saw me blushing and said 'it's not a bad thing though because I knew you liked me (your feed had a few pictures of me) I just knew we were perfect together so then I came to find you.' I was speechless, it was the nicest thing anyone had ever said to me. He saw me blushing and he kissed me. On the cheek of course, he knew I wanted to take things slow ;).

So Luke finally took me, Emily, Hattie and Izzy to the real home of 5sos.

Callum Luke Ashton and Mikey were all there but 1 other person, I recognised him from somewhere. Then izzy shouted out 'NO WAY Niall 😱' he nodded. But then looked up from the ground he saw her picked her up and span her round and round. 'Finally Luke said you'd come. I'm so so glad to finally meet you, Isabel. Or is it Izzy?'

She replied 'haha only Jemmy over here (she said pointing at me) calls me Izzy but your welcome to if you want'

'Isabel sounds perfect' he replied blushing. She smile the most gorgeous smile and ran out of the room, Niall quickly followed.

Hattie suddenly burst out laughing, I don't know why, I think it was just a nervous laugh. But whatever she was trying to do it got Calum Hood's attention he suddenly started chatting her up and All of a sudden Hattie stumbled (again I think it was nervousness) across the room an tripped into Calum's arm. Cheesy move. I know.

So Luke, Mikey, Ashton and I were left. While I had been looking at Luke Ashton and Emily were gazing into each others eyes, it didn't feel I needed to interrupt them but I did anyway, 'there's one room left, you may take it ;)' I said winking at her. She glared at me sarcastically but took the offer; she linked arms with Ashton and walked off into the empty room.

So then there was three. Mikey quickly looked at his watch and said 'shit, I'm meant to be meeting with Jossie now, I'm gonna be late. Can I take the burgati??' 'Go for it' Luke replied

So only l and Luke was left I we sat down and he put his arm round me, I liked it A LOT. There's a charm about Luke, something about him that makes him the kindest person I know. I thought this even when I hadn't met him. We are perfect for eachother💘

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