Luke Hemmings and Me <3

1 guy found me, and it changed my life��
Luke Hemmings came to my school and found me, we fell in love from then on, the rest of the gang and my bestest friends fell in love too. It all started with a fake ID. ��


2. For the L💜VE of Hemmings

'It's unbelievable,' my mum said earlier on the phone. 'LUKE HEMMINGS? The band me never who you talk about 24/7??'

'Yes I know it's totally unbelievable I'm just I'm speechless!!'

So... Him and the 5sos gang got into a little disagreement about which song they should perform and where. Luke said he wanted to preform it where I was but the rest of the gang (Cal, Ash and Mikey) said to get over his crush and focus on music. BUT HE SAID THAT HE HAD FALLEN INLOVE WITH ME so that's when he set off to find me. He came to the right place of course because he met his no.1 fan and his future girlfriend maybe even wife👰

It was so unexpected I was overwhelmed, I asked Luke if I could go to their house, with my friends, and he said 'of course, your free to come round any time you want' while his lip ring was glimmering in the sun.

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