it was love at first sight. when he saw her he knew she was keeper. he knew his heart was stolen by her but like everyone knows love isn't that simple


1. Fay

Harry styles

she danced alone on the dance floor she was so beautiful and i wasn't the only one who noticed it. every guy in this club was drooling. she was in her own world as she moved her body and smiling cutely. i walked on to dance floor taking slow steps closer her she noticed me she looked me with her hazel eyes and bit her lip i was nervous. i was in front of her and she smiled softly and kept dancing i danced next to her she smiled and her eyes sparkled as she looked me she put her hand carefully to my shoulders as  i placed my arms to her waist her touch lift my body on fire it tingled for every were it was like magic. "whats your name?" i asked. "Fay." she said.her voice was music to my ears. "i'm Harry." i said smirking to her and she nod. i don't know how long we danced but i didn't care. the feeling what she gave me didn't want me to walk away. she run her fingers through my hair and i kissed her neck softly pecking her soft skin. i kissed her jawline she kept her eyes shut and i kissed her bottom lip and she groaned for my teasing and opened her eyes what where darker as she moved her lips to mine."it's getting late i think i'm heading home." she breathed as she sat on my lap while i kissed her neck. "don't go." i said. "Harry." she said looking into my eyes. i loved the way how my name came from her mouth,as silly at it sounds. "let's go to my place."i said. she looked me raising her eye brow little and bite her lip and gulped. "the thing is that i don't do one night stands.i don't sleep around." she said honestly. "it's okay,we don't need to have sex. we can just chill, you know." i said. "i don't know." she said. "please?" i said making my puppy face and she giggled. "that's just so cute." she said holding my cheeks. "please." i said. "okayyy." she groaned and stood up from my lap. "yes!" i said like little kid. i took her hand and we walked out the club. her small hand felt so right on my hand. i opened the car door for her. 

she followed me into my flat. "you want tea?" i asked. she giggled and nod."what?" i asked smile on my face. "never had met guy who offers me a tea when we get into his flat from the club." she said. "you have been in many guys flat after club?" i asked. "nahh." she said. i smiled and made us tea. "so what do you want to do?" i asked as we sat on the sofa. "i don't know, its 2 am,Harry, what should we do?" she asked giggling. her laugh. ugh i was turning into teenager who had big crush. "sleep?" i asked. "you want to sleep?" she asked. "yeah." i  said. "aren't you tired."i asked. "yeah." she said. "you can sleep here." i said. "whats the thing wanting to be with me when i said no sex." she asked smiling little. "well i like you." i said. she blushed and nod. "now lets go sleeping." i said.

"you want some shirt?" i asked. "sure." she said. i tossed her a shirt. i kicked my jeans off "you mind if i sleep only wearing boxers." i asked. "no problem. i sleep naked too." she said. "why do you need the shirt then?" i asked smirking. "i'm not sleeping naked with you, silly." she said. i laugh and got under covers she turned around and unzip her dress. Woah she looked hot even when i only saw her back. that dress didn't even show how curvy she really was. she unzip her bra causing me to bite my teeth, Hard. and she pulled my shirt on. hot. her hair was on pony tail she opened her hair when she turned around she looked really sexy. it was hard for me to breath. "you okay? you look kinda tense?" she asked getting under the covers. "i'm totally fine." i breathed but it almost came out as moan. "can i get goodnight kiss?" i asked. she laugh and turned to me she was going to kiss my cheek but i moved my lips quickly crashing them on hers and wrapping my arms to her pulling her closer. she smiled into kiss while she kissed me back. i  bite her lip and slipped my tongue into her mouth what tasted like vanilla and all sweet things  i was on cloud nine. after long made out we finally decided to sleep.


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