it was love at first sight. when he saw her he knew she was keeper. he knew his heart was stolen by her but like everyone knows love isn't that simple


3. damage



i banged her door. "leave me alone Harry." she said. "no,tell me what it is, what did i do?" i yelled. "it's not you Harry." she said. "then what it is." i asked. silent. she didn't open. "open the door please." i said my voice cracking. there was something what she wasn't telling me. the way how she looked me when i told her she was perfect. she opened the door. her eyes were red from the crying. i didn't get it, why did she cry? i got in and closed the door behind me.she sat on the sofa. i sat next to her and took her hands on mine looking her. "what it is?" i asked. she shook her head. and cried. "shhh." i said hugging her. "Harry i really like you, i don't want to hurt you."she whispered. "you are not hurting me. you make me happy." i said. "Harry, i hurt people who i care about." she told. "Harry i'm not okay." she said. "i will help you." i said. she shook her head again. "no, no one cant help me." she said."whats wrong." i asked. "i have this disease what is very rare." she breathed. i nod. "i get strong mood wings it's like i'm on my period all the time some times, i can be really difficult and mean like hole different person, then it goes away leaving me feeling horrible and bad and i get depressed 'cause i cant control my feelings.my hands." she said tears streaming down her face. "my hands are cold all the time." she said."sometimes i get the feeling that my toes are burning but at the reality they are freezing,when i eat i feel like there is lump in my throat my but there's nothing my brains just made that all up. i'm not strong.if i don't take my pills i'm powerless and weak. it's my brains. they are damaged and it just get worse when i get the depression side. you haven't been there when i'm depressed, i promise its help less. i understand if you don't want to have anything to do with me." she said looking down. "oh Fay." i said lifting her head up and kissing her lips. i really didn't care about her problems, i really liked her, she gave me the feeling what i hadn't felt earlier for anyone.i loved her. and there was nothing that could stop me and make me stay away from her, she was my drug."i can take it, i love you." i said kissing her lips again. she started to cry again. i whipped her tears away." shhh don't cry." i said. "they are Happy tears." she smiled. 


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