it was love at first sight. when he saw her he knew she was keeper. he knew his heart was stolen by her but like everyone knows love isn't that simple


2. after

-Harry's pow

i felt someone moving next to me Fay sat up from the bed. she kept her hands on his head. "Fay." i said softly and she turned to look at me. "are you okay?" i asked. "i'm okay Harry. go back to sleep." she said. but something told me that she wasn't alright. she looked weaker than yesterday. "you look pale." i said. she gasped. "i'm okay." she breathed. she started to dress up."where are you going?" i asked. "I need to get home." she said.what was wrong? "let me take you." i said standing up."okay." she breathed and shut her eyes slowly and hold her head,it seemed like she was on pain.the car ride was silent she kept looking the road. "finally." she said. she almost jumped out the car. i followed her. she was in rush. she quickly opened the door rushing inside. she walked straight into kitchen and took something. pills? she took five different looking pills and breathed out as relief as she was leaning against the corner. she turned around and looked me."Harry." she said softly. "what?" i asked. "you need to go." she said softly. "why?" i asked. "it's better for you." she said. "can i at least get your number?" i asked. she looked me and breathed heavily. "i really like you Harry..but i don't think it's good idea." she said. "good idea?" i asked. "you know you and me." she said. "why not?" i asked. "i don't know you..."she said. "and you don't know me..." she gulped. "it doesn't matter.we can get to know each others." i said. she smiled little and shook her head. "please." i begged. "Okay." she groaned smiling.


months later


"this is my favorite place." she said as we walked down the park."it's beautiful." i said looking around the green park full of trees and flowers and grass. "it reminds me of home." she said smiling and looked around. "tell me." i said taking her hand on mine. i had noticed few things about her. her hand was usually cold and she turned pale sometimes and was weaker but then out of no were she was normal and sparkling like flower. "i grow up at country side. i used to hate it and count the days to move away but now i noticed how lucky i was, i was surrounded by beautiful nature and i understand why my parents lived there and raised me and my brother at countryside not at busy city. we had own world, i went school near village and all the free time played with my brother into woods.if i  ever have a child i want to move to peace full small town near forest." she said smiling. as more i spend my days with her more i liked her. "what?" she asked. "you seemed bit spaced out." she smiled crapping both of my hands and looking me. "just thinking." i said. "thinking of what." she asked smiling. "how you have beautiful personality." i said. her smile grew as she got on her tip toes and pecked my lips. i kept her there my arms wrapped around her and felt her heart beat against my chest and smelled her hair what smelled like strawberries. "you are so perfect."i said. i felt her gasp as she pulled away from me and looked me single tear escaped from her eye as she run away.


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